Have you given the same pitch with the same slide deck over and over to the point of boredom? Especially in the world of sales, it’s an easy problem to have. Refreshing an already-great slide deck could seem superfluous if you have a great slide deck already, . We recommend re-examining your deck, at minimum, yearly to give your sales team something unfamiliar to get excited about. Even if there is nothing new being presented, think about how the pitch could be modified to keep your sales team engaged and avoid getting stuck in the rut of monotony.

New Graphics Help

Revitalizing your presentation could be as simple as swapping out some images. Has it been a while since you updated your image library? Why not hire a photographer with fresh eyes to capture some different images, widening your selection. Likely, these will have a different feel to them and can breathe new life into your deck easily without taking away from the messaging that has already been fine tuned to perfection.

Think About Your Color Scheme

With new graphics, you may need to switch up your color scheme a bit. Of course, many companies have their signature color palette and that should not be deviated from due to brand awareness. For example, if you have two primary colors and one is showcased more heavily, switch to the other. Think about how you can also switch out some of your supporting colors to fit the new graphics you will be adding.

Shift the Narrative

Adding a new theme can liven up your narrative. If your presentation has a theme to it, say “a day in the life,” why not change the theme to something like “life is good” to redesign the language? Shifting perspective ever so slightly can bring a subtle nuance without sacrificing strong, effective communication. Giving your storytellers a slightly different version of the story to tell will go a long way to keep them engaged.

Conditioning your team to embracing change will deepen their expertise. Refreshing an already-great slide deck is just one way to keep them on their toes and give them new material to master. At Ethos3, we are constantly re-evaluating our approach to presentation design. Reach out to us with any questions you may have about your deck—even if it is already effective. Knowing when to breathe new life into your assets is key to staying ahead of the game.


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