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Guy Kawasaki, Creator of Alltop

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"Ethos3's approach to simple but elegant design, storytelling, & content is excellent. I learned a lot from the team and am still learning."
Richard Matsumoto, Head of Global Business Development, Fujitsu

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"I think everything looks great—love the graphics, the fonts, everything. I had asked for a presentation that looks elegant, and you've hit the mark!"
Dean Foust, Director of Executive Communications, UPS

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Presentation Tips & Tricks
writers guide

A Writer’s Guide to Preparing a Presentation

Congrats! Your first book got published. Or maybe that article you have spent months researching will be featured in a magazine. But just before you can celebrate, you are asked to give a presentation in front of real, live people. No need to freak out, because you already have many skills to set up a … Continue reading “A Writer’s Guide to Preparing a Presentation”

Heckler Distraction

A Presenter’s Guide to Handling Hecklers

Recently, I got to watch comedian Dave Chappelle perform stand up as he embarks on his nationwide comedy tour. As I walked through the theater and to my seats, I saw hundreds of signs taped up around the space with a warning: No Cell Phones. No Heckling. A D.J. and the opening act both reinforced … Continue reading “A Presenter’s Guide to Handling Hecklers”

Avoid Presentation Audio Problems Like a Pro

Last Sunday was the 59th annual Grammy Awards, where trophies were handed out to the music industry’s performers, songwriters and producers. But even after 59 years of existance, audio issues plagued many of the live performances throughout the evening. Most notably, British singer Adele stopped her tribute to the late George Michael and asked for … Continue reading “Avoid Presentation Audio Problems Like a Pro”

Is the Canon Rayo i8 Portable Projector Positive for Presenters?

Having a portable projector may never have been a thought in your mind as a presenter. But, presenters might actually get a lot of use out of the Canon Rayo i8 portable projector. Here are just a few reasons presenters should consider this product and make it a part of their presentation toolkit. An On-The-Go … Continue reading “Is the Canon Rayo i8 Portable Projector Positive for Presenters?”

Presentation Persona Spotlight: Sen. Elizabeth Warren

Last week on February 6th, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren made headlines and became a trending topic. She was silenced on the U.S. Senate floor during her speech against Senator Jeff Sessions becoming the nominee for U.S. Attorney General. You can watch her address below. Senator Warren speaks from her own heart and mind as well … Continue reading “Presentation Persona Spotlight: Sen. Elizabeth Warren”

Logitech Delivers its First 4K Streaming Web Cam

Walking through Best Buy, you can’t leave the television section without encountering several different 4K sets. Some don’t see the value of 4K streaming, but others do. And they include Logitech, who recently released the 4K Pro Webcam. The 4K streaming device offers presenters giving webinars unique opportunities. Let’s break them down: Get great shots … Continue reading “Logitech Delivers its First 4K Streaming Web Cam”

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