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"In 25 years of looking at stuff like this, I have never encountered something like this. You guys really know your stuff…"
Guy Kawasaki, Creator of Alltop

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Presentations are our passion. Our experienced presentation designers are ready to help you capture the hearts and minds of your audience.

Bring us your ideas, and we will craft a presentation that is a perfect fit.

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"Ethos3's approach to simple but elegant design, storytelling, & content is excellent. I learned a lot from the team and am still learning."
Richard Matsumoto, Head of Global Business Development, Fujitsu

Presentation Training

Maximize your presentation strengths and overcome your public speaking weaknesses with presentation training customized to fit your needs.

Our presentation professionals will come to your location to show your and your team how to write, design, and deliver successful PowerPoint and Keynote presentations.

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"I think everything looks great—love the graphics, the fonts, everything. I had asked for a presentation that looks elegant, and you've hit the mark!"
Dean Foust, Director of Executive Communications, UPS

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Presentation Tips & Tricks

Presentation Persona Spotlight: Saul Goodman

Since AMC’s Breaking Bad went off the air, there’s a new anti-hero that everyone is rooting for: Saul Goodman. The beloved crooked lawyer from the series is now at the center of his own story on Better Call Saul. In this scene below, we see Saul (known during this time by his real name, Jimmy … Continue reading “Presentation Persona Spotlight: Saul Goodman”

How to Create an Internal Navigation System Within PowerPoint

How to Create an Internal Navigation System Within PowerPoint

Your company’s Sales and Marketing team collaborated on a major initiative to gather information from current and past customers and clients for case studies. Sure, you have published the stories on your website and promoted them through a robust social media campaign. But you know you can do more with the material. Presentations present a … Continue reading “How to Create an Internal Navigation System Within PowerPoint”

Where Your Presentations Fit in the Buyer's Journey

Where Your Presentations Fit in the Buyer’s Journey

From the moment people learn about your company to the moment they press “Purchase” or fill out a Contact Us form, you have opportunities to guide them through valuable, relevant content. The presentations you produce have a large role to play in that process and are surprisingly effective if you create them with intent. According … Continue reading “Where Your Presentations Fit in the Buyer’s Journey”

Presentation Lessons from “Last Week Tonight”

Each Sunday night, John Oliver delivers a presentation on his award winning show, “Last Week Tonight.” His show covers a variety of topics that range from headlining news, politics around the world, and social issues. These segments normally run around 20 minutes and are chalk full of research. But as a viewer, it’s hard to … Continue reading “Presentation Lessons from “Last Week Tonight””

Where to Mingle After The Presentation is Over

David’s boss assigns him to present at a conference in New York City. He does the research, brainstorming, and writes and designs the presentation. He practices and practices and practices. He gets on a plane and flies to New York the day before the presentation. He gets on the stage, delivers his presentation to hundreds … Continue reading “Where to Mingle After The Presentation is Over”

3 Ways to Present Your Message to an Indecisive Audience Member

3 Ways to Present Your Message to an Indecisive Audience Member

Decisions are a part of our daily lives – whether we want them to be or not. What time we wake up in the morning. The meals we eat for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Our after work past times. We are constantly choosing to take certain actions or engage in particular activities over others. But, … Continue reading “3 Ways to Present Your Message to an Indecisive Audience Member”

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