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"I think everything looks great—love the graphics, the fonts, everything. I had asked for a presentation that looks elegant, and you've hit the mark!"
Dean Foust, Director of Executive Communications, UPS

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Presentation Tips & Tricks
3 Signs of Storytelling Doom

3 Signs of Presentation Storytelling Doom

Studies have shown that storytelling is the most effective tactic to employ if presenter’s want audience members to share his or her opinions, care about a topic, and motivate others to care about it. Storytelling allows listeners to be a part of the experience – whether they were there in real-time or not. Are your … Continue reading “3 Signs of Presentation Storytelling Doom”

Commonality as a TED Talk theme in “The shared experience of absurdity”

Commonality in a TED Talk: “The shared experience of absurdity”

Over the years, over 2.3K TED Talks have been given, recorded, and shared on digital platforms. One that caught our eye a few years ago was Charlie Todd’s “The shared experience of absurdity.” Through a detailed account of a few projects he orchestrated with his organization – Improv Everywhere – the TED Talk speaker implemented … Continue reading “Commonality in a TED Talk: “The shared experience of absurdity””

The Conundrum of the Presentation Graph

The Conundrum of the Presentation Graph

As you go through the presentation creation process, you’ll research and gather a huge amount of data and information. You’ll sift through everything you’ve collected and select those data points that are most relevant to your presentation message and subject matter. Graphs are wonderful visual tools to implement throughout your deck. But, there are situations … Continue reading “The Conundrum of the Presentation Graph”

Delete Your Mission Statement Slide. Here's Why.

Delete Your Mission Statement Slide. Here’s Why.

When people start a new company or business, one of the initial steps involves the creation of a mission statement. According to a 2013 Time Small Business Tip of the Day, a large part of a mission statement’s value lies in its ability to bring focus to an entity. Typically comprising of at least one … Continue reading “Delete Your Mission Statement Slide. Here’s Why.”

The Role of Research in Presentations

The Role of Research in Presentations

Not every presentation will necessarily need a significant amount of time devoted to research. But most will need – or at least benefit from – a cursory scan of recent developments and past theories related to the presentation topic. No matter what that topic is, conduct research by glancing through recent news stories, perusing scientific … Continue reading “The Role of Research in Presentations”

Presentation of Possibility: An Analysis of Skylar Tibbits’ TED Talk

Presentation of Possibility: An Analysis of Skylar Tibbits’ TED Talk

In a 2011 TED Talk, Skylar Tibbits describes an amazing future of manufacturing and creating objects. A trending TED Talk, we decided there must be something there worth exploring and sharing with others. Watch it for yourself before reading on! We found that, at its core, Skylar’s TED Talk focused on possibility and the steps he … Continue reading “Presentation of Possibility: An Analysis of Skylar Tibbits’ TED Talk”

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