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"In 25 years of looking at stuff like this, I have never encountered something like this. You guys really know your stuff…"
Guy Kawasaki, Creator of Alltop

Presentation Design

Presentations are our passion. Our experienced presentation designers are ready to help you capture the hearts and minds of your audience.

Bring us your ideas, and we will craft a presentation that is a perfect fit.

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"Ethos3's approach to simple but elegant design, storytelling, & content is excellent. I learned a lot from the team and am still learning."
Richard Matsumoto, Head of Global Business Development, Fujitsu

Presentation Training

Maximize your presentation strengths and overcome your public speaking weaknesses with presentation training customized to fit your needs.

Our presentation professionals will come to your location to show your and your team how to write, design, and deliver successful PowerPoint and Keynote presentations.

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"I think everything looks great—love the graphics, the fonts, everything. I had asked for a presentation that looks elegant, and you've hit the mark!"
Dean Foust, Director of Executive Communications, UPS

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Presentation Tips & Tricks

Shufflrr Offers Organizations a Presentation Management System

Whether you work for a large organization or a small company, chances are that you have created more presentations throughout your existence than you can even keep track of reasonably. The team at Shufflrr concocted a cloud-based presentation management system to solve the problem of presentation sprawl. “Presentation management treats presentations as valuable communications; you need … Continue reading “Shufflrr Offers Organizations a Presentation Management System”

What’s Your Presentation Persona: My New Book and Bonuses

This announcement has been over a decade in the making. In fact, it has been almost 10 years and 3 months to be exact. With gratitude and a very full heart, I’m coming to you, Ethos3 fans and supporters, many of you who I have known since I started the company over a decade ago … Continue reading “What’s Your Presentation Persona: My New Book and Bonuses”

NionCom Introduces MemoryKick Vision Tablet with Projector

Interested in engaging with the newest presentation technology? Then you may need to learn more about NionCom’s MemoryKick Vision Tablet, which is an offshoot of the MicroVision Arrow mini-tablet. The device can be used in a multitude of manners – from managing media and enhancing productivity of business matters to dealing with gaming applications. For … Continue reading “NionCom Introduces MemoryKick Vision Tablet with Projector”

“Are you a giver or a taker?”: A TED Talk for Presenters

Through his research and studies, TED Talk speaker Adam Grant unlocked information about the impact giving and taking has in the workplace, as well as life in general. Watch the TED Talk now! According to Grant, givers lessen their individual influence on an organization. On the other hand, givers make the organization better by helping … Continue reading ““Are you a giver or a taker?”: A TED Talk for Presenters”

New Logitech Product Transforms the Standard Meeting Room

Logitech and Microsoft teamed up to create the Logitech SmartDock for conferences and collaborations. Your company could realize the advantages of utilizing this product in company meetings and conferences. Let’s walk through the big ticket items that concern the Logitech SmartDock and why it is transforming the standard meeting room. The News This product provides … Continue reading “New Logitech Product Transforms the Standard Meeting Room”

Season 2, Episode #12: Sharing and Your Presentations [Podcast]

In episode 11, we discussed the importance of exploration – not just in our proprietary presentation assessment and training program, Badge, but in your specific presentations. On this episode of the Presentation Scientists, co-hosts Scott Schwertly and Gabrielle Reed explain the science behind the second quadrant – Sharing. A presenter who scores highly in sharing looks and … Continue reading “Season 2, Episode #12: Sharing and Your Presentations [Podcast]”

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