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Presentations are our passion. Our experienced presentation designers are ready to help you capture the hearts and minds of your audience.

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"Ethos3's approach to simple but elegant design, storytelling, & content is excellent. I learned a lot from the team and am still learning."
Richard Matsumoto, Head of Global Business Development, Fujitsu

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Maximize your presentation strengths and overcome your public speaking weaknesses with presentation training customized to fit your needs.

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"I think everything looks great—love the graphics, the fonts, everything. I had asked for a presentation that looks elegant, and you've hit the mark!"
Dean Foust, Director of Executive Communications, UPS

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Presentation Tips & Tricks
10 Questions to Ask When Building A Brand Narrative

10 Questions to Ask When Building A Brand Narrative

A brand story is a flexible, reusable, and crucial part of any company. It extends beyond marketing materials to infiltrate the way you talk and think about your brand, through emails, conversations, and presentations. You need to know what your story is in order to get to the heart of why clients should choose you … Continue reading “10 Questions to Ask When Building A Brand Narrative”

best presentation tech bose

Best Presentation Tech: Bose Headphones

This week, Ethos3 is all about Bose as a source of best presentation tech. With a Bose headset topping CNET’s list of the Best Headphones of 2016, it’s no surprise that we have an affinity for the brand and its skill in delivering products that significantly enhance sound. We took a look at a line … Continue reading “Best Presentation Tech: Bose Headphones”

Presentation Training Inspiration from Seth Godin

Presentation Training Inspiration From Seth Godin

After reading a recent post from Seth Godin, a fire was lit in the hearts and minds of Ethos3 team members. According to Seth, a majority of original endeavors either seek to defeat, defend, or transform others. So, we wondered… What does a presentation look like that falls into each of these categories? What is the best … Continue reading “Presentation Training Inspiration From Seth Godin”

5 Best New 2016 TED Talks to Inspire Your Presentations

5 Best New 2016 TED Talks to Inspire Your Presentations

Presentations like TED talks are fueled by fresh ideas that an audience’s brain can gnaw on. We’ve seen so many great TED talks lately that offer a spark of inspiration, providing insight into our personalities and the world around us. That in mind, we’ve collected five recently uploaded TEDs that provide nuggets of wisdom for … Continue reading “5 Best New 2016 TED Talks to Inspire Your Presentations”

Presentation Tips from Studs Terkel

Presentation Tips from Studs Terkel

Although the author and Pulitzer Prize winner, Studs Terkel, died in the late 2000s, his interviewing style remains a sought-after skill to this day. Studs classified his approach as “guerilla journalism,” which is also known as citizen journalism – the idea that the public should have the opportunity to participate in the knowledge gathering and … Continue reading “Presentation Tips from Studs Terkel”

The Art of Committing to Presentation Practice

The Art of Committing to Presentation Practice

We all know we need to practice a presentation before we step on stage. But most of us likely battle that brutal beast, Procrastination. According to Joseph Ferrari, PhD, a psychology professor at DePaul University, 20% of people in the United States are persistent procrastinators. Making a commitment to presentation practice requires a conscious battle … Continue reading “The Art of Committing to Presentation Practice”

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