Presentation effectiveness is a metric that all presenters are desperately trying to maximize. After all if your presentation is not effective what is the point of delivering it at all. However, no matter how great your presentation is there are a few common mistakes that can derail your effectiveness and hinder your overall outcome.

The key to avoiding these mistakes is understanding them. Which is why we have put together 3 common mistakes made by many presenters that will hinder presentation effectiveness and eliminate long term engagement.

Mistake 1: Going Over Time

For many presentations, you are allotted a finite amount of time. This time is precious and must be used wisely. However, go over this time and you will find that your audience quickly disengages and a lack of trust surfaces. By going over the allotted time you communicate to your audience that what you have to say is more important than honoring their time. This can inadvertently communicate arrogance and disrespect even if you never intended it that way.

Be sure to set yourself a timer and stick to it. If time begins to slip away from you button up your content and wrap it up before the buzzer ends.

Mistake 2: Filling Your Slide Deck with Text

While including all your content on a slide deck may seem impactful it is quite the opposite. A slide full of bullet points can become boring and static ultimately hindering its effectiveness. Consider swapping out the text for compelling visuals, iconography, and typography. Your deck should support and bring your content to life not spell it out word for word.

Consider enlisting the help of a professional presentation designer. This will ensure you have the best story and best design all wrapped into one highly effective presentation.

Mistake 3: Lacking Clarity in Your Messaging

If you are looking to deliver an effective presentation clarity is king. You must communicate your message clearly and compellingly. Allowing confusion to creep into your messaging will lead your audience down a rabbit trail that will be hard to come back from.

Avoid filler words and superfluous information when delivering your content this will keep your audience connected and excited about what you have to share.

An ineffective presentation can damage your reputation and ultimately hurt your bottom line. By avoiding these three common mistakes you will not only elevate your effectiveness but grow your long-term connection to the audience.

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