Emotions are a powerful motivator for an audience member. Not only can they draw an audience member to action but they can keep an audience engaged and connected with what you are sharing. However, emotions are something that many presenters shy away from because evoking an emotion takes a lot of time, effort and in some ways a little bit of risk.

So how do you leverage this powerful tool? Well in today’s post we are going to show you three emotions that should make their appearance in your next presentation as well as how to use them tactfully and professionally.


Passion is perhaps the most positively motivating emotion that we will discuss today. Passion is what draws an audience to a presenter and keeps them on the edge of their seat. As an audience member, feeling the passion of a presenter is exhilarating and can connect us to the humanity of the presenter.

That is why every presenter must embody passion in each presentation. Your audience has to know that what you are sharing matters to you, so it should matter to them. A lack of passion can cause an audience to feel disengaged and as if your content does not matter. So, even if it requires some faking make sure your passion is felt.


If passion is a great motivator empathy is a great humanizer. By embracing empathy in your next presentation, you not only put your humanity on display, but you draw out the humanity of your audience.

A great way to embrace and leverage empathy in your next presentation is through storytelling. Allow your audience to see your empathy through your story while connecting to their empathetic side. This will leave them feeling like they have had a conversation with a friend rather than a stranger.


Out of all the emotions, anger is a great way to get your audience riled up and connected. It allows you to elevate the feeling in the room and connect with the guttural response of your audience members.

While anger is a great way to rally the troops and invoke engagement you must be careful to evoke righteous anger that leads to connection rather than disrespect. If you evoke the later you will be left with an audience who does not like you and feels separated from you altogether.

Emotions are a powerful tool and should not be shied away from. They keep audience members engaged and excited about what you have to say. While they can be difficult to manage and require a bit of finesse every presenter should consider leveraging these three emotions in their next presentation.

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