For a presenter, creating and delivering your content can be a tiring process. It takes mental and physical energy to ensure every slide is in place and your delivery is on point. As a result of this strain, it is easy to let your focus slip from the words you are sharing to the overall presentation.

While this is a tempting option and does not leave lasting damage on a presentation, we at Ethos3 strongly warn presenters to stay the course and focus on EVERY word that they share. The reality is that your audience is only going to retain parts of what you say. With the constant threat of distraction and the ever-shrinking attention spans, the facts are that no matter how good your content, your audience will miss some of it.

As a result, a lack of focus on each and every word can show your audience parts of your content that matter more to you than others. It can result in them grabbing onto parts that they deem important, but you may not. Overall it can lead to confusion and leave your presentation on par with many delivered today.

But we don’t believe in delivering on-par presentations – we believe in delivering extraordinary presentations. That is why we put together a list of 3 keys to leverage every moment of your presentation by focusing on every word you share.

Speak at your audiences’ level.
When crafting your message be sure to consider who will be sitting in your audience. If you are presenting to a team of lawyers, then be sure to use language that makes sense to them and shows you are on their level. If you are speaking to kindergartners, then ensure your language is easy to comprehend and can be quickly grasped. By speaking in such a way that matches your audience, you give yourself a level of authority that may not have otherwise been there which will automatically elevate your content and you as the content expert.

Leverage your transitions.
One of the most wasted spaces of a presentation are transitions. With the stress of creating excellent content looming, many presenters fail to focus on these transitions and figure they will make them up during the presentation. However, the reality is that coming up with a transition on the spot is a difficult task for even the most seasoned presenter. By planning out and rehearsing your transitions, you allow yourself to use this time rather than fumble your way through with repeat and filler words.

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat
In the world of short attention spans and distracted audiences, repetition is a vital tool to getting your key information across. If there is a main idea or key takeaway that you would like your audience to leave with, be sure that you repeat it often throughout the presentation. One way to do this without your audience realizing you are repeating is through recaps. Each time you introduce a new point, recap the last one. This will reinforce your content while keeping your audience excited about what you are sharing.

Words matter. And as a presenter, words are the lifeblood of your content. By leveraging these 3 keys, you will find that your presentations not only sound better but that your audience engagement and information retention will rise leading to a greater impact on your end goal. So next time it’s your turn to present, focus on EVERY word!

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