The culture of presenting is always changing. With new ideas comes new ways to tell impactful stories and bring content to life. And no matter the reason you have found yourself presenting, it is important to always be honing and developing your skills. One of the best ways to do this is through experiences that develop you not just as a presenter but as a creative and influential thought leader.

With this in mind, we put together a list of 4 experiences every presenter should partake in. This list is not exhaustive of all the amazing experiences available to you these days, but these 4 experiences will impact your content, design, overall skills, and even your mindset.

The StoryBrand Workshop

Led by author Donald Miller, StoryBrand has become a household name in clarifying your message. Having worked with brands all over the world, StoryBrand will help you define who you are and say what you need to say in a compelling way.

This live, in-person workshop allows you an opportunity for hands-on development of your brand as well as real-time feedback into how you can improve.

Q Conference

Stay Curious. Think well. Advance Good. These are the statements that define a Q experience. While Q is a faith-based organization, their events challenge all people to cross boundaries and advance good. These experience will challenge your thoughts and encourage you to think outside the box of your own sphere of influence.

These events will help you as a presenter think in a new way and engage with people you may never interact with on your own.

Ethos3 Coaching

As professionals, we hire coaches for every aspect of our lives – health coaches, business coaches, personal growth coaches. And, according to a survey completed by our friends at Prezi, 70% of Americans believe presentation skills are vital to their career success. Knowing this, hiring Ethos3 as your presentation coach will undoubtedly ensure you’ll be an elite professional at the top of your field.

Whether we are with you live or via a video call, Ethos3 presentation coaching capitalizes on years of experience and proprietary data to help you take your presentation skills to a new level.

STORY Conference

Lead by Harris III and the Istoria Collective, STORY is a two-day conference that is designed to inspire, challenge, and equip artists, creators, and storytellers of all industries. Through its innovative talks and unique inclusive experiences, STORY will stretch your perception of creativity and storytelling to a new level.

Bring your team to regroup and redefine your process as you set out to push past your organizational goals. Or come to discover a supportive community of forward-thinkers and visionaries to champion you as you set out on creative endeavors.

Whether you find yourself delivering sales pitches or keynote presentations, or you just want to hone your presentation abilities, these experiences will change your way of thinking and inspire you to be greater. Whether you think you are a creative or not, in the world of presentations, it is our job to tell the stories of our brands, our missions, and our communities, and these experiences will help you do that in an inspiring way. So check them out and get involved, because creativity thrives in community.

Looking to jump in to an Ethos3 experience? Contact our team today to find out how or jumpstart the process by taking our proprietary assessment Badge which will help you discover your presentation persona!

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