If you think enhanced graphics, better animations, and increased design elevate presentations, just wait until augmented and virtual reality take over.

AR and VR are transforming the way professionals approach tasks at lightning speed. It’s becoming so popular, in fact, that Statista predicts the number of virtual reality users in the world to reach 171 million by the end of this year. And given that AR and VR can increase learning potential, improve training modalities, and bring more efficiency and productivity to any industry, this should come as no surprise.

Of course, all of these new benefits beg the question: How will AR and VR impact the future of presentations? Well, we have a few ideas.

Set the Scene
One of the biggest challenges presenters face is selling their vision to an audience. After all, just because you can visualize it, doesn’t mean your audience can too. Adapting VR and AR to your presentation will eliminate the taxing need to set the scene and allow your audience to observe firsthand, in beautiful detail, exactly what you’re picturing in your own mind.

Increase Your Visibility
Leaders in any industry should always be working to increase awareness of their brand and their visibility as an expert. VR and AR integration create presentations unlike any we’ve ever seen, which makes them particularly memorable for audiences. That means audience members will be talking about all the cool stuff you showed them well after the presentation is over, sharing their experience of it with people who otherwise might not know about you and your vision.

Interactive Breaks
The best presenters know that well-timed breaks go a long way to keep audiences connected and engaged throughout a presentation. And if those breaks involve awesome visualizations that allow your audience to not only experience the future you’re after but see what it’d be like if your idea isn’t implemented? Well, that engagement shoots to an unprecedented level.

Increase Audience Participation
If you want your audience to participate in your idea, then you better get them to participate in your presentation. And there might be no better way to engage them than with the use of a new reality.  By actually showing the audience your vision or solution, you’re inviting them to be an intimate part of the idea. They’re better able to tap into emotional states and really feel the potential impact of your idea, which in turn makes them more ready to invest in you and the future you’re after.

See the Future
Speaking of the future, one of the standout benefits of VR and AR is that they allow you to literally see the future. With respect to presentations, that capability lets you show your audience exactly what the future will look like if your big idea is implemented. Additionally, you’ll be able to play with different scenarios, comparing different outcomes from various approaches and highlighting why your approach is the best.

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