We all have great ideas. When we decide to take one of those ideas and turn it into a business, the success depends on more than the idea’s greatness. A pitch to draw in investors can help your great idea grow into a thriving business. If you have ever wondered what makes other startups so successful, take a look at their pitch deck presentations. Analyze the key elements and messages they included that turned a great idea into a money-making business.

Top 5 Best Pitch Deck Presentations


AirBnB Pitch Deck from PitchDeckCoach


AirBnB has impacted the future of travel. A combination of hotel shopping and couch-surfing, this company lets you stay at someone’s home during a vacation, saving you money on hotel costs. The homeowner also makes a profit off your stay while they enjoy some time away from home. This presentation works well with displaying the important numbers, key concepts and market themselves as the first in the industry to offer this service.


The investor presentation we used to raise 2 million dollars from Mikael Cho


Crew (formerly known as Ooomf) connects app builders with freelance tech wizards. One special detail about this presentation is its consideration of design. This pitch deck follows a simple and stylish design with limited text on each slide. It also includes all the key messages a startup needs to share to persuade investors.


Foursquare's 1st Pitch Deck from Rami Al-Karmi


The social meetup app Foursquare is fun and informative. The website and app lets users connect with friends while exploring new activities. One successful message this presentation shares is their impact. The company already has an interface and an online following. Showcasing this type of engagement from customers and fans is a big win for a startup.


The slide deck we used to raise half a million dollars from Buffer


This pitch deck was used by Buffer to raise half a million dollars. The social media scheduling company used data to position themselves as a digital marketing leaders. The presentation begins with quotes that lay out the future of the industry. While the pitch deck uses the dreaded bullet points, it does effectively use research and data to sell their idea.


Dwolla Startup Pitch Deck from Joseph Hsieh


This presentation introduces investors to Dwolla, a online payment platform. The downside of this presentation is the text heavy slides. The upside is their use of icons and illustrations to explain their unique processes. This pitch deck provides flow charts and mentions a demo to show their audience the benefits and function of their e-commerce platform.

If you are ready to share your great idea with the world, make sure your pitch deck is ready to sell it. Take inspiration from these successful startups to share your key messages and prove your worth. For more advice on pitch deck presentations, check out these posts:

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