Human resource professionals are central figures in any work environment. They work with a wide range of audiences, from new employees to entire departments and from supervisors to colleagues. Speaking to these different groups on a daily basis can be challenging. Implementing new policies or discussing a difficult work situation can make these presentations even more difficult. This is where presentation training comes into play. Here are just a few of the ways presentation training can help HR professionals manage diverse audiences and difficult conversations.

How Presentation Training Helps

Human Resource Professionals

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Knowing Your Audience

Presentation training offers crucial information about how to appeal to your specific audience. Research on neuroscience and personalities can help you construct a message in a way that will impact each individual. Knowing which generations your audience is comprised of is another effective tool for human resources. Each generation has a unique set of standards and beliefs that should be kept in mind. (Read our Millennial Design Report to learn how to impress this demanding audience.)

Questions to consider asking in presentation training seminars:

What are the best resources for understanding different personalities?

How do I effectively share a message across different age groups?

Developing Engaging Material

HR professionals can learn more than just public speaking skills during the course of presentation training. Learn the most effective tools to keep audiences engaged during and after your conversation. You can learn how to develop condensed PowerPoints to email following a meeting or compose a one sheet with specific information to help an employee. These are some of the methods presentation training can help you discover to keep your audience engaged.

Questions to consider asking in presentation training seminars:

What can I do to keep my audience from zoning out?

How can I connect with an audience before and after a presentation?

Designing Compelling Visuals

Visuals have a much bigger impact on our brains than text alone. One trick to consider as you write new policies or procedures for your company is to create a visual aid. Content in the form of infographics or illustrations can help your audience better understand the process. Presentation training can offer design advice that will help you create compelling and informative assets.

Questions to consider asking in presentation training seminars:

What’s the easiest software for a novice to use to design an infographic?

What type of design works best for HR collateral?

If you like this advice, consider signing up for presentation training with Ethos3. Our Badge and Catapult training sessions offer a scientific approach to creating effective presentations and learning more about your audience.

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