You have come to the end. The finish line. The final chapter. Writing your presentation closing can sometimes feel overwhelming. Will my message translate into action? Will my story impact my listeners? These are worries that every presenter has when it comes to concluding your presentation. There are a number of strategies you can follow to create the best ending. This presentation template will help you brainstorm and draft your own presentation closing.

presentation closing

1.The Pitch

For business presentations and pitch decks, the last agenda item is typically a call to action. This is where you make your final pitch to your audience. Now that the audience knows all your data, strategies, goals and insights, a call to action will serve as that last push for partnerships. The Pitch presentation closing should be in the active tense. Use a direct action that you want your audience to do. Handing out a card, one sheet or other item helps keep this request fresh in the audience’s minds.

Now that you have seen all that we have to offer, get your free demo! Just log into our website and use this code to gain access to our service. (Pass out handout.)

You now know where my company began and where we are headed. To reach this next step in our journey, we need you help. Your investment can make our future happen. If you are ready to join us, contact me. (Pass out card.)


Craft your own pitch. Did you use data to back up your claims? If yes, what is the biggest takeaway?

What kind of reminder will you leave your audience? A business card, a handout, a brochure or something else? Brainstorm your ideas.

What’s the one thing you want your audience to do? Write a direction that fits with your message.

Now, write out your call to action.

2.The Circle

Does your presentation involve a story or a metaphor? Your closing can come full circle with the conclusion of that story or repetition of the metaphor. A story provides structure to build up to your presentation closing. Your can either bookend your presentation, where the story is told at the beginning and end only. Or you can weave parts of the story in and out of your entire presentation.

A metaphor is a useful tool for reinforcing your message. This singular word or phrase can be incorporated throughout your presentation. Make sure it doesn’t get forgotten by repeating it once more in your presentation closing.

I want to take you back to that story from the beginning of our time together. It ends with the best piece of advice that I have ever heard from anyone; the words I live my life by. Those words are, “Don’t suffer in silence.” When you think life or work or anything has gotten too overwhelming, speak up.

Growth. We’ve been talking about it all day. I want to end with this idea about growth. Just like a tree begins as a small seeds, so do all businesses. You feel tiny, useless, and have no idea how you will make an impact. But with the right elements, that seed will grow into a tall standing tree. Use must seek out the right elements so that our business can continue to grow strong and in the right direction.


Does your presentation include a story or a metaphor? If not, how can you include one?

What’s the conclusion to your story? Focus on creating tension, drama and impact for your presentation closing.

What’s the metaphor? Draft a line that helps it come full circle to end your presentation.

3.The Quote

Sometimes using someone else’s words is the best way to deliver your presentation closing. There are many iconic quotes that can capture an audience’s attention and inspire them. You can also pull quotes from pieces of film, television of literature that personally inspire you.

Finding the right team to help your business thrive is like finding a soulmate. To use a line from my favorite movie, When Harry Met Sally: “When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.” This team makes me feel excited everyday to accomplish great things.


Do you have a favorite quote?

How about a favorite line from a movie, TV show, or book that you love?

Brainstorm quotes you can use in your presentation that are original and will stand out.

4.The Inquiry

How about some audience engagement to end your presentation? After all, they are the most important part of your presentation. Go beyond just asking your audience for any questions and create a lively discussion. Create slides that have prepared questions on them for your audience to answer. Take a poll question where every audience member raises their hand, then call on a volunteer to explain their thoughts and feelings. One question could map out to be a lasting relationship that you’ll have with an audience member.


What questions do you expect your audience to have? Brainstorm how you can create slides for those specific questions.

If you want to hold a discussion, how will you ignite the conversation? Write down points of interest that you can use to create audience engagement?

What’s a poll question that you could ask your audience?

Think of other ways you can interact with your audience at the end of your presentation.


Create an impactful and inspiring presentation closing by using the structures that have worked time and time again for public speakers. Use this presentation template as a starting off point for your fabulous presentation closing. For more presentation templates, look at these articles on the Ethos3 blog:

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