The art of storytelling can come in many forms. We read stories in books, we watch them in movies, and we listen to them in podcasts. If podcasts happen to be your favorite form of storytelling, there are plenty of options to choose from. The storytelling topics can range from science to fiction to personal experiences. These podcasts will provide you with endless inspiration for your presentation storytelling skills. Here are our top five podcasts for presentation storytelling.

Top Five Podcasts for Presentation Storytelling


The Moth

This popular podcast features live storytelling. Each speaker tells a true and personal story for one hour. On top of the podcast, they produce videos for each of their storytellers. This organization is dedicated to sharing the art of storytelling and encourages everyone to share their own. This is a good lesson for presentation storytelling. Personal stories are effective for building a relationship with your audience. Everyone can relate to experiences not matter how the details differ.

Welcome to Night Vale

For fans of fiction, Welcome to Night Vale is an inspiring and exciting podcast. It centers around the small town of Night Vale, where strange events happen. You really feel like you are a resident of this peculiar town, thanks to weather updates and news announcements featured throughout the podcast. This offers a presentation storytelling lesson to push your creativity. Fully immerse your audience into your world.


This podcast is a fusion of science and stories. Some topics are timely to current events, others cover complex concepts like space exploration. If you are looking for an engaging and sometimes mind-blowing podcast, give RadioLab a shot. For the presenter, take some cues from this podcast for how you can combine scientific data and presentation storytelling.


If you love a great piece of journalism, Longform has got you covered. The writers put in lots of time and research to develop their stories. Each podcast extensively covers a variety of topics with the same standards of an investigative news article. Apply this method to your presentation storytelling. You can amp up the tension and shock audiences with in-depth research.

The Mortified Podcast

Looking for something funny? This podcast features speakers telling real stories from their childhood or teenage years. From diary entries to poems, each speaker reveals embarrassing moments that will make your cringe with laughter. Add a little humor to your presentation as well. Maybe you can work up the courage to tell an embarrassing story of your own to make your audience laugh.

Explore these podcasts and more if you are ever looking for presentation storytelling inspiration. If you want to know more about presentations, listen to our podcast, Presentation Scientists, where we interview other public speakers and share our research on the science of presentations.

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