Want to improve team functions at the workplace? Tell stories. This simple solution may not seem like a big deal, but when it comes to joining together different personalities, stories can fill that gap. Last month, the Harvard Business School held an event called, “Leading in an Ever-Changing World.” The human resources organization Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development attended and explained these three big takeaways: digital technologies, diversity and storytelling. This article will take a closer look at how to include the following storytelling tips in your HR presentations.

Storytelling Tips for HR Presentations

Storytelling is a human trait that has been passed down from generation to generation. We use stories to convey information, entertain audiences and teach lessons. They help us understand our world and the people around us – but they also help businesses thrive. Dr. Penny Moore is a postdoctoral research fellow and spoke at the Harvard Business School event. She says, “If you know where someone has come from, what’s important to them and what their values are, it could help you to predict their behavior a little better, or at least understand them a bit more.”

Through her research, she says she found that stories help enhance the qualities of the relationships between colleagues. She says stories are beneficial to team functions and productivity. “From a leader’s perspective, knowing the stories, histories, motivations and values of the people you lead could be an incredibly valuable piece of information.”

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Sharing stories can help your HR presentation be more effective too. Whether it’s a training module, onboarding or a performance review, you can build a better relationship through storytelling. Here are three tips for how to include a story in your HR presentations.

HR Presentations

Start with a Story

Before you begin diving into the nitty gritty of your presentation, open up with a relatable story. Think of instances in your personal life that relates directly to your presentation topic. Or do some research on the department you are presenting to and talk about your experiences working with them. Right away, you will come off as friendly and approachable.

Tie in a Story

If you want to get creative with your HR presentation, think of how you can weave a story throughout your entire presentation. If you are training employees on safety protocols, you can tie in your own experiences with office safety to serve as examples. This can help make a mundane presentation more interesting and impactful.

End with a Story

Save the best for last. You can end your HR presentation with a story too, as long as it’s short and to the point. If you are delivering an onboarding presentation, you can tell the new employee about your first experiences with the company. This establishes trustworthiness and accessibility between yourself and your colleague.

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