To be a politician takes a lot of work. Some are naturals at energizing a crowd and delivering a message; others put in a lot of time and practice to craft their message and find their audience. Whether you are interested in politics are not, they possess a lot of traits that are beneficial to giving presentations. Politicians are charismatic, confident and always prepared. This makes them great presenters. To see if you would be a champion in this career field, here are the presentation personas who succeed in politics. To see if your profile fits in this group, take our Badge assessment now!

Presentation Personas


The Advocator is a powerful and passionate presenter who lives for their message. This presentation persona is does not waste time on the mediocre. They invest deeply in the causes that directly affect their audience. Based on their score in the four quadrants, Advocators tend to spend little time researching and preparing their statements, and focus more on creating an unforgettable moment for their audience. If they put in some time to create a thorough argument, they could win over more supporters.


This presentation persona puts in a lot of preparation into their speech, making their delivery flawless. Politicians deliver speeches often, and always appear to be rehearsed and excited. This is what the Demonstrator does well. They walk on stage with their speech ready to go and know exactly how to deliver it. But once the speech is done, so are they; there is no time set aside for meeting the audience or continuing to spread your message with a website. Create a social media account that the message can continue to spread on. This way, the Demonstrator is keeping their audience invested.


For one of the strongest presentation personas, it is no wonder the Liberator would be a successful politician. They aim to inspire and motivate their audience to act. Their message can spread far and wide, reaching a variety of voters. When they are not preparing their speech or speaking engagement, they are networking and promoting their message online. This presenter is persuasive and enthusiastic. Just be mindful of sounding repetitive and using fluffy language.


The Producer knows that change won’t happen without hard work. Their no nonsense attitude speaks to the voters who are eager and ready to see something happen in their country. That’s why this presentation persona would have a successful campaign. Producers prepare their message down to the design of their logo. Their performance is focused; they don’t waste the audience’s time. And their message is uplifting and motivational. Their biggest downfall is that Producers don’t kiss the baby on the head or shake hands after their speech. This lack of audience engagement holds them back from reaching their political potential.


Steadfast in their message, the Soldier cannot be pulled away from completing what they set out to do. They believe their ideas are strong enough to make it all the way to the finish line. Because of this belief, their is not much work done in the preparation phases. The Soldier can deliver an empowering and timeless message. They don’t realize that while their message may go viral, nothing else will follow without a game plan. Revolutionary ideas cannot become a reality if they don’t have the foundation required. With a little research, rehearsal and networking, the Soldier has a better shot at becoming a successful politician.

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