Animated slides can bring a compelling and creative edge to your presentation. But a presentation shouldn’t go overboard with animation. When used with the right context, animation can be effective in making a point, telling a story, and delivering a message. Here are some presentation animation best practices.


Amp up your data with an animated chart or graph. Instead of still images showing an increase or decrease, use animation to bring a greater visual impact. Pie charts can become stunning designs with each section appearing one at a time. Bar charts can have better impact with each bar rising and falling, according to its data.


Transitions are where presenters can overkill the animations. Be strategic when deciding on adding in an animation to a slide transition. When you are switching topics or delivering a main point, animations can make that moment stand out. If each and every slide has an animated transition, the magic can get lost.

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Illustrating a complex idea through language can be a challenge. Using an animated graphic to give an example of how you idea works is an effective use of animation. This can come in the form of an illustrated image like a cartoon, or information displayed in a diagram.


Stats are great information to showcase serious problems or major improvements. Give them the attention they deserve with a little animation. By simply changing the color or highlighting the number, you can make your stats pop and increase their persuasive impact.

The secrets to great animation are all in the details. Each of the individual moving parts on this deck work together to create multiple points of visual interest. To serve as an example, check out one of our videos that includes some animation design.

All of the elements on these slides move beautifully in an endless loop, exhibiting the best of both our custom illustration and design capabilities. Take a look through our portfolio to see more of our take on animation. And give one of our tips a try during your next presentation.

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