Virtual reality headsets used to be a cool toy only seen in futuristic movies. Now, they are a tangible item that is expected to grow more popular with time. By 2018, an estimated 171 million people will be actively using virtual reality, or VR. This technology is already changing the way some industries perform job functions.

According to Forbes, VR is presenting new opportunities for a variety of businesses. For example, the hardware retailer Lowes is allowing customers to visualize their home remodel through VR. And the elevator manufacturer ThysenKrupp is using VR to visualize repairs before a technician has to go to the site.

Another Forbes article breaks down how VR could impact training across several platforms for businesses. Surgeons could practice open heart surgery through VR without putting a person’s life at risk. It could put employees through dangerous scenarios in order to practice proper protocol.

So, how will virtual reality impact presentation training. Here are some ways it could happen:

Ending Stage Fright

If you suffer from stage fright, VR could help you get more comfortable talking in front of others. Putting yourself in a similar environment as where you will be giving your presentation or speech can help you become more familiar with the territory. Whether you are delivering a keynote speech at a large conference, or giving a sales pitch to a small group of business executives, VR can be modified to fit your needs.

Audience Participation

If you are looking for a new approach to showcase your product, service or idea, VR could be the solution. This technology can be used to set the scene for your presentation, putting your audience in the story or emotional state that you want them to feel. It can also be used to showcase how your service can change their lives, or how to use your product in a real-life situation.

Increase Your Visibility

VR could be your opportunity to stand out as a presenter. After a few test runs of using VR headsets and some good marketing, you can set you apart from the rest of the presenters working today. With the growing popularity of VR, get ahead of the game and draw in a bigger audience with the latest technology.

In any career field, you want to adapt to the latest technology innovations. Presentations are no different, and VR can be the next step in training, audience engagement and self promotion.

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