Walking through Best Buy, you can’t leave the television section without encountering several different 4K sets. Some don’t see the value of 4K streaming, but others do. And they include Logitech, who recently released the 4K Pro Webcam. The 4K streaming device offers presenters giving webinars unique opportunities. Let’s break them down:

Get great shots

Between facial recognition, infrared detection, and Windows HelloTM compatibility, the Logitech 4K streaming web cam allows presenters to capture on-spot imagery. No matter what the lighting is in the room you are delivering your webinar, the 4K Pro Webcam will assist you in obtaining great shots.

Keep the focus

The technology featuring advanced optics along with 5X digital zoom helps the presenter focus on the parts of the image that they desire to show. How? The web cam is able to remove the background from a photo.

Enjoy expansive compatibility

For $200, presenters can purchase the 4K Pro Webcam. According to the Logitech website, specifications include:

Plug-and-play USB connectivity

4K Ultra HD video calling

1080p and 720p Full HD video calling

RightLightTM 3 with HDR

Infrared sensor technology

Supports many connection types: USB 2.0 Type A and USB 3.0 Type A and C

And more!

The Logitech devices can be used with Chrome OS, Windows 7+, and Mac OS 10.10 and up.

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