At the beginning of September, Apple is expected to reveal the final iPhone 7 product. And the rumor mill has been generating lots of activity and murmurs around the potential changes to the smartphone. Even if you are a presenter by day and Apple disciple by night, you should still consider ignoring the iPhone 7. Why? Here are 3 reasons to save some cash and wait for the next Apple bash:

1. Headphone jack, no more

Perhaps the most controversial of iPhone 7 changes, the absence of a headphone jack has sent waves through the tech community and beyond. Without this component, users will be forced to purchase wireless Bluetooth headphones or an additional adapter. If you prefer using mobile headsets like the MIE2i style from Bose, the lack of a headphone jack would present major challenges for you when you want to listen to and tweak the voice recording for your online presentation or webinar from a cab, plane, train, or bus.

2. Better camera, but not the best camera

Are you a presenter that is constantly clicking away, snapping photos and sharing them as part of your personal brand strategy? Do you include images from your phone within presentations? If you answered ‘yes’ to both of these questions, then you just might be convinced into buying the latest iPhone. On the other hand, the camera quality is better for the Apple – making it on a more level playing field with competitors like Samsung. Furthermore, only the larger iPhone 7 device will be designed with a dual camera. So you’d have to pay even more for this feature.

3. Insignificant overall modifications

Aside from implementing haptic feedback in the home button, in addition to the disappearance of the headphone jack and inclusion of a camera with enhanced photo quality, the iPhone 7 won’t be much different than its slightly older counterpart.

So, what pros and cons should you be weighing when considering an iPhone 7 purchase? Pros: A dual camera with better image quality and haptic feedback features. That’s about it as far as new aspects are concerned. Cons: No headphone jack for presenters with headphone sets that are not Bluetooth and no real difference from the iPhone 6. If cost is important to you, we would pass on this version. And again, if the photos you take on your phone are fair game for your next presentation, then maybe the iPhone 7 is worth the price. At the end of the day, one thing is true…

Here’s Why Presenters Should Pass on the iPhone 7

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