The standards and expectations for a presentation have shifted dramatically in recent years. Oftentimes, it isn’t enough to convey your message through some slides. Building a platform for your brand requires having your hands in several aspects of the digital universe. Any medium you can use to transport your ideas and information must be utilized. You need photography. You need video. You need smart, targeted copy. And you need audio. Whether you are narrating content for slides to display on SlideShare or your website or you are recording a podcast based off your message, having the best audio tech will enable audiences to take you more seriously. At Ethos3, we use the Pyle Sound Isolation Recording Shield for all of our audio recording needs. Here’s why we think you should incorporate this best presentation tech into your content creation process too:

1. It’s compact and portable.

In college, my audio storytelling professor taught us how to makeshift a recording studio at home inside our closets with pillows and sheets. Looking back on that now, I am certain I would have opted to spend $63 for this Pyle recording shield. If not for the compact nature of the device, then for the professionalism it would exude. The product takes up a fair amount of space when spread out, but when you are ready to call it quits on a project, you can move the two sides in and place it in a closet or next to a desk.

2. It fits solos and duets.

Although it is a large shield, there are larger products on the market. For those presenters or marketing directors with smaller staffs, the bigger shields might be overkill. For example, Ethos3 creates a podcast – usually with one or two hosts. The Pyle recording shield is the ideal size for us, and could be for you too.

3. It produces quality sound.

You could purchase a much more expensive recording shield, such as the SE Electronics X1 Complete Studio Bundle. But for many professional and even novice presenters, the pricier options include more elements than you need. According to the Amazon description, it has high density noise-absorbing acoustic foam – perfect for isolating the sound you want and deflecting the sound you don’t.


We’d suggest sticking with the more affordable, yet also surprisingly high-quality choice when it comes to audio recording shields, especially if you are using audio as a means to build your platform and not as a primary part of your business. To discover more best presentation tech, research the following links:

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