Prezi How-To Tips and Tutorials for Prezi Beginners

Are you curious about Prezi, the presentation software that uses motion, zoom, and spatial relationships to bring your ideas to life?

Do you want to know how to design and deliver a presentation with Prezi?

If so, the tutorials included below are the best place to start learning about Prezi. Watch the featured how-to Prezi tutorials and then check out the additional resources at the end of this article to start your journey to becoming a Prezi master. 

1. Prezi Tutorial: Get started in Prezi

Summary: Start creating unique, zooming presentations today. This video walks you through the basics, from adding content to presenting with Prezi.


2. Prezi Presentation Design Tips – by Ethos3 and Prezi

Summary: In this video, Prezi team member Susannah Shattuck shares her Prezi tips and tricks via a Prezi presentation, “The Science and Artistry of Presentations.” Check out this video for some great insights from the Prezi team.


3. Prezi Tutorial: Simple steps to a great Prezi

Summary: With Prezi’s zooming canvas, the design potential is endless. This video covers a few simple steps to help you create your presentation in no time.


4. Prezi Tutorial: Get started in two minutes

Summary: In about two minutes, you’ll learn how you can start creating a Prezi, from the first click to present!


5. Top Prezi Tips: Part 1

Summary: Check out this video to learn a few of the best tips to creating better presentations.


6. Top Prezi Tips: Part 2

Summary: If you’ve already checked out the first Top Tips video, then check out part two for even more tips on creating amazing presentations.


7. Top Prezi Tips: Part 3

Summary: Take a look at the third Top Tips video, with five tips designed to help you create better presentations.


8. The Beginner’s Guide to Prezi

Summary: From PowerPoint to Prezi: this guide takes you through the basic steps needed to get your presentation underway.

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