OpenText / The Power of Information from TENDRIL on Vimeo.

Simply put, this motion piece, designed by Tendril for Open Text titled “The Power of Information,” is gorgeous. Everything in the piece flows perfectly– from color to line work to shape to iconography. It’s an engaging minute-long piece with a meticulous amount of detail that deftly delivers Open Text’s pared down, pithy message.

We really love how well every element in the piece flows with one another, in that each element transitions beautifully into the next. This flow keeps the piece linear and organized, while maintaining visual interest and unexpectedness for the viewer. The designer also does an excellent job managing the level of detail in the piece by making sure to keep only one particular focal point. Our eyes are constantly encouraged to move to where they need to be in an engagingly fast pace, and the designer does well to avoid overwhelming or distracting us. Best of all, there’s never a dull moment in the piece because every element is so dynamic.

The iconography used throughout the piece is great, thanks to its minimalism and how effectively they communicate the concepts being spoken about. We also love the simplicity of the shapes used in the piece, as they communicate concepts clearly and effectively as well. The colors used are bright, fun and playful, while maintaining a professional, techy feel, which is appropriate for the content being presented.

Lastly, this Open Text motion piece has truly excellent content. It’s simple, easy to understand, and leaves an impression on the viewer. Information does this and information does that, the piece tells us; we walk away from the one-minute piece having learned something about the power of information, and about Open Text as a company. We also admire how the piece isn’t just focused on Open Text as a company (the piece doesn’t mention the company until nearly the 45-second mark), but rather on the mission of Open Text, which is organized into a single mission statement: “The Power of Information.”

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