"… has the unique ability to transform a typical mundane & boring powerpoint into an engaging and effective medium. Ethos3 has been a long standing resource for brainstorming, feedback and insight into almost every facet of creating and communicating my brand."
Adam H. Small, CEO, Strategic Business Network


Badge is a proprietary interactive skill assessment wholly conceived and developed by the presentation experts at Ethos3. In reality, though, Badge is a lot more than just an assessment. A lot more.

Unlike traditional tests, examinations, or appraisals, you can't fail Badge; you can't pass it, either. Nor will you ever receive a grade, a ranking, or a rating. What you do get, however, for your 10-12 minute time investment, is a lot more powerful. Prepare to be transformed.

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After thousands of hours in our labs and in the field, we've arrived at more than a few conclusions about presentations and public speaking. Here's a big one: inexperienced speakers tend to believe that their limitations are, in fact, insurmountable obstacles keeping them from achieving their goals. How does Ethos3 get their training clients over those obstacles and into the driver's seat of their own presentation destinies? With Catapult, of course.

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"I attended a seminar where Scott was a presenter and I was surprised at the expert presentation. He did an outstanding job. I would attend another workshop and I would recommend him to my friends."
Melodie Schrader
If our training program had an honor roll, here's who would be on it:

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