Data drives companies.
We love numbers and charts. But not everyone does.

Successfully communicating large volumes of information during a presentation can be daunting. Most design templates only offer a few graphs and even if the presentation looks great, determining which information to share is a challenge. Our proven process helps you share the critical details and capture the attention of your listeners at the same time. The best part is that we'll do all of the heavy lifting for you and keep you updated along the way!

How We Do It

Our team will take care of the whole process. Hover over each step to learn a bit more.
Step 1

Meet Your CoachSet up a call to meet one of our presentation coaches and start mapping out your data story.

Step 2

Develop Your ContentEvery data point in your presentation should be there for a key reason. We'll help you prioritize and segment your content.

Step 3

Design Visual ShortcutsPictures say a thousand words. We'll design a library of visual shortcuts that enable you to tell your story quickly and effectively.

Step 4

Present The StoryDon't read your slides! We'll share with you proven secrets of delivering incredible data rich presentations.

With over 12 years of presentation experience, our team knows what it takes to develop, design, and deliver a great presentation. One of our expert coaches will walk you through our process and equip you with all that you need to take your next presentation from passable to outstanding.
We know that structured content is 40% easier to engage and retain than freeform information. That’s why, whether we are developing your content from scratch or helping you rework existing information, we will help you tell a great story since compelling stories are 22x more likely to be remembered than statistics.
Audiences soak in 80% of what they see, 20% of what they read, and 10% of what they hear, which is why we will turn your data into a visual masterpiece. Once we bring your data to life in easy-to-digest nuggets, your audience will be enthralled by your stats rather than bored by them.
Facts and figures activate just 2 regions of the brain. An expertly delivered story engages 7 regions of the brain, meaning your audience will have increased engagement and retention. Armed with 12 year of presentation experience, our team has put together a powerful training tool to help you prepare and deliver your story: Presentation Mentor. The program will give you all you need to deliver your expertly crafted presentation to your captivated audience.

Our Work and Results

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5 FREE (and easy) things you can do to make your next data-heavy deck MUCH better!

Effectively communicating stats and data doesn't have to be difficult. In this free guide, we'll show you how to:

  1. Choose visual layouts and that won't overwhelm your viewers
  2. Find free tools to create custom graphs and infographics
  3. Pace your presentation so listeners can absorb the information
  4. Divide your content into segments so people remember what you said
  5. Chose fonts and colors that work best for data and statistics

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