It Doesn't Have to Be This Way

Eyes glazing. Blank stares. Nothing but silence during your Q&A session. It doesn’t have to be this way. The anxiety, the insecurity, and the terror presentations can produce can often seem insurmountable. Your boss needed that deck yesterday and you’ve been stuck since last week. Where do you start? What do you say? How do you even put it altogether?

No one ever said presentations were easy, so we created Catapult to help guide you all the way from start to finish.

Who is Catapult for?

Simply...everyone. If you give a presentation, then Catapult is perfect for you. It’s presentation training molded to meet your specific needs.


Catapult is for the individual who is looking for that competitive edge. If you are that person who wants to look good on stage or in front of any room, then Catapult is everything you need. Want to master sophisticated narratives? Check. Want to have beautiful slides and amazing stories? Check and check. Want to look confident and charismatic. Check and check again.


Catapult is for the team that wants to outshine all departments. Has your team been scored terribly this year or maybe you want to continue amazing all internal constituents? Either way, Catapult will equip you and your team with everything you need to own every presentation opportunity.
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Receive insight into the elements of presentation success.

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The Presentation Tenents


Content training is all about building the appropriate narrative: how to develop your message and form it into a simpler, more attractive package.


Next, you'll learn how to Design more visually engaging slides and represent those streamlined ideas in a way that will maximize their impact.


You'll also be introduced to Storytelling, Ethos3's method of harnessing the power of performance and connecting your audience with your message.


Finally, our Delivery module puts a practical spin on the previous lessons by having participants apply what they've learned so far in several fun and casual speaking exercises.

Ready to Dive In?

You are just moments away from:

3 hours of video training content

Content/Narrative Worksheet

Storytelling Excercises

Delivery Analysis Tools

Comprehensive Workbook
+ so much more!

You can get started with online presentation training right now...

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