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The Compound Effect (book summary)

Author: Darren Hardy
Life Changing Principles
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pros: Helpful for productivity, great tips
cons: Too high level at times
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Quick Summary

Hardy’s The Compound Effect simply details the beauty of compounding.

Key Insights

  • Smart Choices + Consistency + Time = RADICAL DIFFERENCE
  • Wealth tends to skip a generation
  • Real and lasting success requires work—and lots of it!
  • In essence, you make your choices, and then your choices make you
  • It’s the little things in life that will bite you
  • Take 100% responsibility for your life
  • Ordinary is easy. Choose extra-ordinary
  • Routine is exceptionally powerful

Personal Application

  • Focus on the small things because they matter and repeat daily.
  • Be the tortoise.

Meaningful Quotes (Optional)

“You alone are responsible for what you do, don’t do, or how you respond to what’s done to you.”

“A horse wins by a nose, but gets 10 times the prize money.”

“Luck is an equal-opportunity distributor.”

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