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Graceful (book summary)

Author: Seth Godin
Life Changing Principles
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pros: Great for personal growth, unique perspective
cons: Short
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Quick Summary
Godin’s Graceful is short and eloquent piece about how the world needs more people who care about making connections, giving gifts, and creating art.

Key Insights

  • Graceful is the person we can’t live without, the one who makes a difference
  • Don’t let inertia be your guide
  • Kindness requires that you give more than you get
  • Don’t be a tourist; be open to change and immerse yourself
  • The world needs more chefs
  • People seek meaning
  • Anxiety is experiencing failure in advance
  • That thing you don’t want to do (take responsibility and draw the map) is precisely what makes you so valuable
  • And a gift that’s a favor is no gift at all

Practical Application

  • Stop playing it so safe
  • Be brave

Meaningful Quotes (Optional)

“The toll of making change is that you will be changed.”

“Failing helps you see how far is too far, failing helps remind you that failing isn’t fatal, and most of all, failing opens you up to succeeding.”

“A cook follows a recipe. A chef invents one.”

“No, it’s not what you make. It’s who you make it with.”

“Art is when we do work that matters, in a creative way, in a way that touches them and changes them for the better.”

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