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Finding the Next Steve Jobs: How to Find, Keep, and Nurture Talent (book summary)

Author: Nolan Bushnell, Gene Stone,
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Quick Summary

Bushnell and Stone’s Finding the Next Steve Jobs does a fantastic job at detailing how one must go about finding and retaining creative talent. An excellent read!

Key Insights

  • Creativity is every company’s first driver
  • Creativity must be planned throughout the entire company
  • A good company is a 24/7 advertisement for itself
  • Funny people tend to be more creative than unfunny people
  • The passionate talk about what they want to do; they don’t tick off reasons why they haven’t done it yet
  • You can’t create passion if it’s not there
  • Make interviews more interactive with exercises
  • Ignore credentials when interviewing
  • Make sure job candidates have hobbies
  • Avoid the clones
  • Lurkers are some of the best hires
  • Make sure candidates and employees are well read
  • People who are curious and passionate read
  • Celebrate failure
  • Risk more and make it a requirement
  • Don’t spend more than 10% of the company’s money on a risk
  • Treat employees as adults
  • Always make room for creative space and walls where people can write
  • Understand the difference between Naysayers (like to say “no”) and Toxics (selfish)

Personal Application

  • Celebrate more
  • Create more a directed anarchy organizational structure
  • Pursue Skunk Projects (outside creative endeavors)
  • Create a “Turkey” award for biggest failure/learning lesson
  • Create “Demo” days to showcase work internally
  • When people object, make them write down their thoughts on paper
  • Never accept the word “No.”
  • Act!

Meaningful Quotes (Optional)

“The only sustained source of competitive advantage is the ability to learn faster than your competitors.” – Peter Drucker

“Legendary innovators like Franklin…and Darwin all possess some common intellectual qualities – a certain quickness of mind, unbound curiosity – but they also share one defining attribute. They have a lot of hobbies.”

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