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The McGraw-Hill 36-Hour Course: Finance for Non-Financial Managers 3/E (McGraw-Hill 36-Hour Courses) (book summary)

Author: H. George Shoffner, Susan Shelly, Robert Cooke,
Life Changing Principles
Quality of Writing
Overall Value
pros: Useful for all skill levels, clear
cons: Not many actionable takeaways
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Quick Summary

Siciliano’s Finance for the Non-Financial Manager is a great book for those who are not naturally financially minded. It’s like having a little managerial finance book in your pocket.

Key Insights

  • Cash flow is king
  • Every manager needs to understand finance and accounting
  • Borrow short term money for only short term needs

Practical Application

  • Every manager on the Ethos3 team needs to read this book to develop a better understanding and appreciation for the world of finance.
  • Provide a lesson in accrual accounting for the sales team
  • Assign a finance project via Elevate
  • Explore line of credit options
  • Invest more with excess cash
  • Develop/refine CPFs (critical performance factors)

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