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12 Steps to Power Presence: How to Assert Your Authority to Lead (book summary)

Author: John Baldoni
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pros: Insightful, great for leaders
cons: Short
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Quick Summary
Baldoni’s 12 Steps to Power Presence is another insightful read. It’s short but still packs a powerful punch.

Key Insights

  • Leadership presence is the reflection of the leader’s inner self.
  • Leadership presence is more than style, more than communications. It is the projection of the leader’s authentic self.
  • Earned means you have led by example. Authority means you have the power to lead others.
  • Good leaders invite feedback, and not just happy talk.
  • When it comes to character, what you do matters most.
  • Transforming a message from what the audience wants to hear into what the audience needs to hear is critical to a leader’s credibility.
  • Withholding bad news will instill false hope, and when the truth is later revealed, the bond between leader and follower is ruptured, sometimes forever.
  • Without hope we are lost; with hope we can achieve.

Practical Application

  • Stand up for your decisions

Meaningful Quotes

“I tell people that if the [company] president says a crow is white, you have to argue that a crow is really black.” – Tadashi Kume

“The price of greatness is responsibility.” – Winston Churchill

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