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The world is brimming with presenters who need coaching and direction. They seem unaware, almost zombie-like. They haven’t tapped into their strengths. They are unaware of how to manage their weaknesses. Most important, they don’t know how to create and design a presentation that fits their true style. Their presentations serve as testaments that it is a jungle out there, filled with Death by PowerPoint. According to Microsoft estimates, 30 million presenters take the stage every single day, bringing audiences to what feels like the Land of Nowhere. We all know what those presentations look and sound like: a bit painful on the eyes and ears. You can bring your deck back from the grave.

That’s why we created Badge Training.

Is Badge Training Right For Me?

Yes. It's for everyone...individuals and teams.

An understanding of self separates the successful from the unsuccessful, the paint-by-number hobbyist from the professional artist. Unlike others, this training course focuses on the presenter and the aspects - big and small - of their presentation style. When improved, the effectiveness of their message increases drastically.


Whether you lead a business, run a non-profit, or want to excel in front of the classroom, you'll find everything you need in this comprehensive training program to celebrate someone truly amazing - you.


Badge Training is for the team who knows there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all presentation. You are faced with complex business situations every single day that require hustle and collaboration. This training will bring a heightened sense of awareness to your group and will shed a new light on all the colorful personalities that make your department so unique yet so powerful.

Your next talk is an opportunity to motivate, educate, or even change the world. Badge Training sweeps you off your feet and onto a journey towards greater self-awareness and maximum growth.

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Unlock your distinct public speaking potential.

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Realize Your Potential and Apply Strategy to Your Presentation

The Core of Every Profile

You know your profile. Badge Training let's you explore the four unique areas of your Badge.



An Introduction

This quadrant captures everything about how you approach the task of presentation preparation. It unpacks the level of seriousness with which you plan, research, and organize your thoughts before even opening a design program such as PowerPoint.

Why It Matters

Exploration matters because it examines whether you are researched, rehearsed, have the right message, and care about the look and feel of your slides. In other words, it measures if you are prepared to give that important presentation.

What You Get

Rehearsal Secrets | Research Methods | Design Expertise



An Introduction

This quadrant measures your ability to share and deliver your message. It covers charisma, confidence, humor, authenticity, and much more. It explores just how natural or awkward you are in front of a room.

Why It Matters

It’s you on stage. Are you confident? Are you conversational? Are you charismatic? Are you comfortable? All of these elements matter when you are in front of a room.

What You Get

Delivery Techniques | Audience Understanding | Speaking Styles



An Introduction

Do people like or dislike you once you have given a presentation? This is what the Response quadrant attempts to discover. It unpacks just how well you and your messages are received and retained by your audience.

Why It Matters

Response is all about whether you have a servant’s heart. Caring about your audience matters and this quadrant will extract that reality.

What You Get

Workshop Advice | Q&A Tips | Open/Close Options



An Introduction

This quadrant is all about lifetime value. Does your content stand the test of time? Speeches that would score well here include Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” or Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Pearl Harbor address to the nation.

Why It Matters

Every great presentation or speech inspires, motivates, and even changes the world. Durability matters if you want to make a broad impact on the world and those around you.

What You Get

Platform Ideas | Content Marketing Tricks | Legacy Awareness

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