To determine Ethos3’s core values, we started by brainstorming keywords and ideas that define Ethos3. After much thoughtful deliberation, we narrowed the list down to ten values that define our true identity. These values provide us a measuring device to use as a gut check during interviews with potential new hires to see if he or she fits in the team. Most importantly, these values unite our team and guide all of our beliefs.

1. Focus on yourself first
If you change yourself, then everything will change around you.
2. Pursue Growth and Learning
Always continue to learn and grow. Read as many books as possible.
3. Do more
Never settle for mediocrity.
4. Develop a Magnificent Obsession for Everything and Everyone
Be passionate about everything and everyone you touch.
5. Do the Ordinary Extraordinarily Well
Create WOW experiences by doing ordinary things in ways no one will ever expect.
6. Be Humble
Understand that there’s always someone who can do what you do better, faster and cheaper.
7. Live Uniquely
Be yourself. Find your authentic voice.
8. Commit
No wishing or trying allowed. Period. Commit to every task.
9. Embrace and Drive Change
Look for opportunities to change and improve yourself and the company.
10. Empower Others
The Pledge of Allegiance starts with “I” and ends with “We.” You can’t do everything by yourself.