Our Philosophy

Presentations matter. In the right hands, they can be amazing platforms for sharing dreams and spreading ideas. Ethos3 knows just how powerful presentations can be, which is why we've spent the last decade helping some of America's most admired brands tell their stories.

What do you envision for your own presentation? Helping professionals and thought leaders take their concepts visual is our passion. We would be honored to collaborate with you in creating something unforgettable. It's what we do.

We are literally presentation champions… and we've got the hardware to prove it.

World's Best Presentation Contest 2008 - 1st Place Guy Kawasaki's Pick 2013 World's Best Presentation Contest 2007 - 2nd Place Nashville Business Journal Small Business Award 2013 Nashville Business Journal Small Business Award 2014 Nashville Business Journal Best in Business 2013 Nashville Business Journal Best in Business 2014

Core Values

Our team is comprised of thoughtful, hard-working individuals, but we know we're not perfect.
Here's what we're working on everyday to deliver a better experience to our clients.

Focus on yourself first

We must be self-aware

Pursue Growth & Learning

We will never stop improving our work or ourselves
Check out our bookshelf

Do more

We don't believe any mile is 'extra'

Develop a Magnificent Obsession
for Everything & Everyone

Without passion, we wouldn't be here

Do the Ordinary Extraordinarily Well

We want to exceed expectations

Be Humble

We have confidence about what we do well, and
humility about what we don't

Live Uniquely

We are who we are


We don't wish; we do

Embrace & Drive Change

We will never get complacent when it
comes to our clients

Empower Others

We share in all our successes

We're Ethos3.

Nice to meet you.

Scott Schwertly View Bio

Scott Schwertly

Managing Partner

Scott Schwertly is the Founder of Ethos3 and the author of How to Be a Presentation God. If Scott isn’t building presentations with his team of experts, you’ll find him in the pool, on the bike, or on a long run like the 2x Ironman, 7x marathoner, and competitive triathlete that he is. At night, he dreams of being Jimmy Page. Scott lives in Nashville, TN with his wife, son, and three dogs. He has a B.A. and M.B.A. from Harding University.

Anna Kim View Bio

Anna Kim

Senior Project Manager

Injecting her positive personality into every aspect of a project, Anna firmly believes collaboration leads to unmatched results in today’s competitive market. Coming from a strong customer-centric background, her mission is to empower you to tell your full story with remarkable content and world-class design. Outside of Ethos3, Anna challenges herself physically, taking on mountain hiking, boxing and figuring out which language to learn next (she already speaks four!)

Lauren Paxton View Bio

Lauren Paxton

Operations Manager

Lauren keeps the wheels of Ethos3 turning as the Assistant Operations Manager, handling a myriad of tasks including general accounting, human resources initiatives, and implementing new internal processes. Outside of the Presentation Revolution, Lauren enjoys seeking new adventures, participating in nerd culture, finding things that make her laugh, and playing with animals, especially her cats, Lola and Maxwell. She moved from the hills of East Tennessee to attend Belmont University in Nashville, where she received a Bachelor of Arts.

Gabby Reed View Bio

Gabby Reed

Content Strategist

Gabby is a Content Strategist at Ethos3. She graduated from Indiana University with a B.A. in both Journalism and Political Science. In the past, she has dabbled in university and state government communications, in addition to serving in an editorial capacity at a startup, local news publication, Saturday Shelby. When she isn’t crafting captivating client or company content, she is probably running, preparing healthy Pinterest recipes or indulging in auditory delights from RadioLab, This American Life, Snap Judgment and more. Although a Hoosier native, Gabby now lives in Nashville, TN.

Stephanie Fulton View Bio

Stephanie Fulton

Content Strategist

Stephanie is a Chattanooga native with a head full of ideas. A self-professed news junkie, Stephanie survived 3 years in the T.V. news trenches, working at #1 local stations in Chattanooga and Jacksonville, FL. She is now expanding her career with Ethos3 as a Content Strategist. When Steph isn't writing, you can find her at the gym or at home cooking or knitting. Stephanie has a B.A. in Mass Communications from UT Chattanooga and lives in Nashville.

Kyle Scudder View Bio

Kyle Scudder

Senior Graphic Designer

Kyle has been doing graphic design professionally since graduating from Middle Tennessee State University with a BFA in Graphic Design and minor in Printmaking in 2010. His design experience includes presentation design, information design, print graphics, motion graphics, identity/branding, packaging, screenprinting, and illustration. As a self-proclaimed film buff and avid music collector, when not designing, Kyle can typically be found in the pitch black of an independent movie theater or perusing through the bins of local record stores. He currently lives in East Nashville with his wife, Heather, and cat, Jude.

Jenna Russell View Bio

Jenna Russell

Graphic Designer

Jenna is Ethos3’s Graphic Designer, a veggie-eater, and proud parent of a gray bundle of cuteness that is her cat. When she isn’t on the drawing board or pushing pixels on a slide deck, she is either watching Netflix shows, geeking out with friends, or breaking a sweat from a vigorous walk outdoors. On occasion, she likes to sharpen up her creative skills through internet tutorials while throwing a cat video or two in the mix.

Stephanie Hamilton View Bio

Stephanie Hamilton

Graphic Designer

When she's not crafting brilliant presentations, Stephanie can be found throwing punches in a boxing class or sipping wine with friends. She enjoys illustrating cute creatures, going on adventures, and playing board games. Stephanie lives in Nashville with her sweet pup, Cooper, and has a BFA in Graphic Design from Middle Tennessee State University.

Andrew Turner View Bio

Andrew Turner

Graphic Designer

Andrew is a Middle Tennessee State University graduate with a BFA in Graphic Design and a minor in Book Arts and Letterpress. When he’s not pushing pixels, you can find him riding the back roads of Tennessee on his trusty, rusty bicycle or printing a relief block with his 2001 Honda Odyssey printing press.

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