Gather insight and turn it into action.
Presenting information and data to an audience is no easy task. As attention spans get shorter, it becomes more difficult to get a message through to listeners. 

It's more important now than ever to consider every factor that contributes to the success of a presentation - the most crucial of which, is the ability of the speaker to persuade, inspire, and educate. 
With the Empowered Presenters Package, you'll receive autographed copies of Ethos3 CEO Scott Schwertly's published works and a notebook to document your takeaways as you read.
Through How to Be a Presentation God, design and delivery best practices are outlined and explained. Presenters looking for quick fixes to elevate their content will get it when flipping through the book. 

For a personalized approach to your presentation problems, search no further than What's Your Presentation Persona?  Find out whether or not you excel in each of the 4 quadrants of our Badge Presentation Training program - Exploration, Sharing, Response, and Delivery. Then, test our solutions with your message and visuals on your target audience.
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Why You Need This Resource 
The Empowered Presenter Package is for speakers who have something valuable to say, but aren't sure how to communicate it. It's for individuals who set goals for their presentations and set out with intention to achieve them. With both books in hand, you'll be prepared to...
Take on your next presentation with confidence
Incorporate new techniques into your public speaking events 
Generate the results of your dreams with your message
Stop going through the same motions and expecting a different outcome. 
Adopt a public speaking strategy based on your distinct abilities. 
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