Most of us in non-essential jobs find ourselves either working from home or waiting for bans to be lifted to return to work. While working at home or having more free time certainly comes with its perks, the monotony of your own four walls can feel stifling. Using this time wisely to stay motivated can be a challenge. Here are some quarantine boredom busters that can keep you on the top of your game and broaden those four walls just a bit.

Keep a clean workspace

A pristine habitat can be freeing. It has been proven that physical clutter in our environment can overload the visual cortex, competing for attention in our brain and interfering with our ability to focus and process information. Even if it is temporary, treat your workspace as a professional area. Take out the trash every evening, make sure there is a place for everything, and everything is in its place. This will not only take some time to complete, it will keep you from getting bored during the day. The few extra moments it will take daily to maintain neat and tidy quarters will help you feel less trapped when doing meaningful work.

Get ahead with your scheduler

Do you have an analog calendar? Whether a large desktop calendar, an agenda, or a calendar hanging on the wall, it is a good practice to write down your plans. Having physically written out your goals, to-do’s, lists, ideas, and dreams helps cement them into your memory. It will also help you stay more organized long-term. With fewer places to be now, it’s the perfect time to get into good habits and lay the framework for what this might look like for you going forward. Again, spending a couple extra minutes at the beginning or end of each day, or setting aside a designated time during the week to intentionally lean into your agenda is worth the discipline. Finally, this will help free up some space in your mind to enjoy your down time.

Practice your second language

Did you take a few French courses in high school? What about Spanish college credits? Have you studied abroad in Italy or Japan? If you’re interested at all in being bilingual, now would be a great time to brush up on some of those language skills. As an added perk, it has been proven that learning another language helps you better communicate in your native tongue. Do you have a friend you could reach out to that speaks your second language? Conversational learning is a great way to stay connected while continuing to learn. If you don’t have a friend to reach out to, there are a plethora of apps and programs like Rosetta Stone and Babbel designed to keep you on the path to fluency. Thinking in another language will keep you sharp, curbing the boredom that can creep in at times like these.

Reach out to clients personally

One thing in this time is certain—everyone is much more available. Have you noticed that people actually answer the phone a lot more when you call them? The same may be true for your clientele as well. Right now might be a great time to check in with the people that make your business successful. Listen to their insights, ask questions, engage with them. You never know what valuable vision you might gain from a couple of minutes of connection.

Tried all of our quarantine boredom busters and still have extra time on your hands? Why not reach out to our presentation coaches to see if we can help hone your presentation so you are ready for the boardroom when it opens back up.


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