While knowing your material is certainly the first obstacle when preparing to deliver a compelling presentation, delivering the information in a way that will resonate with each audience member is its own challenge.  Understanding that not everyone in the room enters with the same information is key to relating your information in a digestible format. Figuring out a level playing ground to start from can seem daunting. Giving a pitch that is too elementary is sure to lose the interest of intellectuals—or is it? More and more we are seeing simple concepts taken to the next level by relating to the masses. This seems counterintuitive. How can you position yourself as an expert without going into each minute detail of the product or idea you are presenting? It all comes down to this–retention hinges on simplicity of message.

Your audience will only retain about 10 percent of what you say, and 60% of what they see, anyway.

Fewer bullet points can be incredibly impactful when presenting new information. You have a better chance of delivering a memorable presentation when the information is repeated. We live in a world where time is money and attention spans are drastically decreasing. Think of the basic story you are trying to tell and deliver that story a few different ways in order to speak to each audience member in their own retention style. Really drive home your main points and leave the details for the questions at the end.

The simpler the message, the less room for confusion.

Oftentimes once your audience has a question, one of two things happens. They either hone-in on that question and miss everything else you say before answering it, or zone out completely because the material is flying right over their head. You want to start out strong and have them track with you the entire way. If this means leaving space for questions mid-presentation before moving forward, then build that in to your pitch. Keep your audience engaged by making sure each part of your presentation will make sense to everyone in the room.

Questions will drive connection.

Knowing your audience can be key to getting through to them.  The best way to ensure engagement, retention, and memorability is to make your concept clear. Once your concept can be easily grasped, your audience will have space for questions. This is a great way to relate your product to their specific environment and make a personal connection. Once you have secured the relatability of your product or idea, your pitch can soar beyond your simple message into each detail with which you are undoubtedly equipped to eloquently provide.

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