As a presenter, there is one thing you are certain to experience: feedback at times negative feedback. Learning to handle this feedback is vital to a sustainable career in the presentation space. While positive feedback can leave a presenter feeling confident and passionate negative feedback can be debilitating if not handled correctly.

That is why we have put together 3 tips for handling negative presentation feedback.

Avoid defensiveness.

Often when a presenter is met with negative feedback their first response is defensiveness. It is a way to self-protect and avoid being hurt by the comments. However, this defense mechanism can backfire leaving the audience member feeling as if their observations don’t matter and that you as a presenter think you are above them. This not only leaves a negative impression, but it hinders the long-term effectiveness of your message.

Look for the golden nugget.

In every piece of negative feedback, there is something we in the presentation industry call the golden nugget. This is the underlying truth that you can use to learn even if the feedback stings. Taking time to look for the golden nugget will allow you to be more open-minded to the feedback being presented as well as adding continual growth to you as a presenter.

Let it roll off your shoulder.

Negative feedback tends to linger in a presenter’s mind. It negates all the positive and for some reason is the only thing we can remember. Choosing to allow the negativity to roll off your shoulders protects your mental state for future presentations. It keeps your self-esteem high and confidence strong.

Negative feedback is sometimes a tough pill to swallow. It can rattle even the toughest of presenters. However, by implementing these 3 tips you have everything you need to combat the negativity and grow as a presenter.

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