I was recently working with a group of presenters on virtual pitches. The question was raised about body language and how to avoid what we presenters call “the chair dance.” What arose from the discussion was a consensus that your facial expressions are vital to a virtual meeting and communicating your message. While this is true in the virtual setting it is equally true when you are in front of an audience.

Your facial expressions are communicating with your audience from the minute you step in front of them. The question is what is it saying? And how do we ensure the message is clear.


A smile communicates warmth and excitement. It says to your audience that you are happy to be there and that you are a nice person. Without a smile, a presenter can be construed as to serious or closed off. Don’t run the risk of being perceived as mean, embrace the smile and let it show to your audience.


Your eyes are always speaking. A furloughed brow communicates concern, while a wide eye communicates excitement. As a presenter, you must learn to harness your eyes and use them to communicate the emotion you are working to elicit. Be intentional with your eyes during each part of your presentation. Consider practicing in front of a mirror focusing specifically on your eyes and what they are saying.

Full Face

When you put everything together your entire facial expression communicates more than words ever could. As a presenter, you must focus on this as much as you focus on your body language. Be aware of any nervous ticks that may take place in your eyes, mouth or forehead. These ticks communicate a lack of confidence and an overall lack of engagement. Once you are aware of your ticks you can work diligently to eliminate them.

Facial expressions speak volumes about you as a presenter. They show your audience you care and are confident in what you are sharing. This confidence communicates a level of professionalism that leads to long term engagement and connection with you. This will ultimately lead to increases in revenue, increases in production and an overall increase in success.

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