We have talked at length about the importance of storytelling in presentations. Not only does it lead to long term engagement, but it increases information retention and effectiveness. While stories are vital to the success of a presentation bad stories can be distracting and disruptive to your overall message.

With this in mind, we have put together 3 tips to compelling storytelling that every presenter should master today.

Build Tension

Emotions play a large role in every decision a person makes which is why they should not be overlooked in your next presentation. By using your story to build tension you place the audience in a prime position to view you as the hero. Build tension by connecting an emotional character with your audience, describe how they feel and the journey they are on. Allowing this tension to build will pull your audience to the edge of their seat as they wait for what you are about to share next.

Be Descriptive

For many presenter’s descriptive words are greatly lacking when it comes to storytelling. Being descriptive in your story allows your audience to be transported to that moment. Listening as if they are watching a movie play out in real life. Describe how your characters felt, what they looked like, what the room felt like. Adding as much detail as possible will draw your audience in and keep them connected to what you are sharing.

Embody the Hero

One thing that every presenter must master is the ability to embody the hero at the end of their stories. You have spent the time to build the tension, explore the story and now it is time to showcase your unique skills. Do this by highlighting what it is you or your company did for the character in the story you just shared. Elevate your tone to show excitement and enhance your body language to communicate strength. By presenting yourself as the hero of the story you subconsciously convince your audience that you can be their hero as well.

Storytelling is an art form all presenters must master. It allows you to take an audience on an emotional journey while showcasing the skills you bring to the table. By implementing these 3 tips you will be well on your way to turning your next data-heavy presentation into an engaging experience that no one will forget.

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