Information retention is one of the most important outcomes of any presentation. If you spend all the time preparing to deliver an excellent presentation it would be frustrating to know many times the audience walks away remembering very little of what you shared. So how do we overcome a lack of retention that leads to a lasting impact for the audience?

At Ethos3 we believe that one of the best ways to combat tune out and increase information retention is through sticky statements. These are easy to latch onto statements that will leave your audience repeating your content in their head over and over.

Here are 4 tips for adding statements that stick to your next presentation.

Keep them short

If you want your audience to remember your content and retain it long-term you must keep your key statements short and easy to latch on to. Wordy statements cause your audience to disengage and get lost in the words rather than the meaning. Keeping your key statements to one sentence or less will ensure your audience stays engaged and walks away remembering exactly what you said and why it mattered.

Leverage alliteration

An alliteration is an age-old tool that tricks the mind into remembering information. Using alliteration will help your audience draw the dots between each of your key points and keep your audience linked into what you are sharing. Consider starting each key phrase with the same letter action word.

Make sure they’re impactful

Impactful statements matter, they continue to ring true and leave a lasting impression on the audience. If you want a statement to stick in the mind of your audience, you must ensure those statements are impactful and worth remembering. These statements should highlight your main ideas and emphasize the things you want your audience to remember most.

Embrace the rule of three

The fastest way to diffuse the effectiveness of your sticky statements is including too many of them. Psychology shows us that our minds remember information best in doses of three. It is how we are trained to think and learn. That is why when adding statements that stick to your next presentation you should consider keeping the number to three.

Statements that stick will not only elevate your content information but increase the overall professionalism of your presentation. Consider adding them to your next presentation and watch how your content comes to life in the minds of your audience.

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