I recently had the opportunity to lead a team of people through our Presentation Mentor course. This course is an in-person hands-on training that allows teams to hone their presentation skills and sharpen their ability to win over the hearts and minds of audiences. At the end of the training, the team thanked me for my time and shared how this training was one of the most useful trainings they had been part of. They shared that they loved the in-person connection and hands-on activities.

As I left that day I found myself wondering what it is about in-person training that connects so deeply with those who attend them? After all with the rise in technology has come the ability to train anyone, anywhere, at any time with the click of a mouse. As I thought about this dichotomy it hit me. People crave human connection and there is something about an in-person training that can simply not be found through a digital connection.

That is why at Ethos3 we believe in in-person training and today we are going to unpack 3 reasons you should schedule one today.

Human Connection is Key

Human connection is something that we all crave. With so much of our lives happening online connecting with people in the same room is becoming a greater and greater priority for people. By hosting an on sight, in-person training you allow your team to connect on a human level while growing at a professional level. There is nothing quite like the memories made in person.

Interaction Elevates Retention

Let’s face it, staring at a person on a screen can be difficult after a while. In a digital environment, it is easy to become distracted and disconnected from the content being shared. By creating intentional interactive moments your team will not only engage with the training on a deeper level but also retain the information on a deeper level.

Outside Voices are Louder

I have talked to many leaders who have expressed the frustration that their team just does not seem to be listening to them. The fact of the matter is that often teams can become deaf to the same voice. By constantly training your team whether in person or digitally you lower your effectiveness as they begin to tune out. When this happens, consider bringing in an outside voice to elevate your content and speak into your team.

The reality is that as we become more digital we also must focus on being personal. By hosting an in-person training your not only equip your team but create meaningful connections that will elevate passions and increase engagement. So next time you think a webinar will suffice pause and consider maybe the best option is in the conference room down the hall.

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