We have all been there, sitting in what seems to be a never-ending meeting wondering when lunch is. The content being shared is whizzing past you as you begin to daydream about the end of this boring hour of talking. There has to be a better way. In an age of innovation, why does it seem our meetings are stuck in the stone age.

With this in mind, the team at Ethos3 has put together4 tips to elevate your next meeting and re-engage your team.

Use Large Stickies to Capture Information

In a consistently digital culture sometimes it feels good to go analog. Large stickie notes are available at any major office supply store and give you a fun way to capture content discussed throughout your meeting. Use these stickies on the walls around the meeting room to allow for a free flow of information and brainstorm.

Bring Snacks

Depending on the length of your meeting hunger can become a real distraction from your content. By bringing snacks to a meeting you allow those in attendance to stay focused on your content without allowing the hunger to take over. Be sure to bring quiet healthy snacks for the greatest level of effectiveness.

Take Frequent Breaks

With an ever-shrinking attention span, it is important to take frequent breaks during meetings. Frequent breaks allow attendees to stretch their legs and break from the mental strain of engagement and focus. This also allows attendees to check one of their many distractions such as emails or texts ensuring they are not checking these during your meeting. These breaks don’t need to be long rather short breaks should be taken more often to increase effectiveness.

Record Audio for Later

There is nothing worse than an ah-hah moment that is forgotten after. By recording the audio of your meetings, you ensure that moment is continued and passed on to anyone who listens to the recording. It is important to note that you must let everyone in the meeting know you are recording before starting. This ensures no one feels as if their privacy was invaded or they are tricked.

Ensuring you are leading an effective meeting is a vital part of becoming a great leader. By implementing these 4 quick tips you will not just elevate your next meeting, but you will elevate your leadership among your team.

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