We live in a culture of presentations. Whether it be a simple report out or a major sales pitch we are inundated with presentations. With the increase in presentations comes a need for fun an engagement, because the more connected your audience feels to your content the more likely they are to engage with you long term.

With the importance of long-term engagement growing the team at Ethos3 has put together a list of 3 ways to spice up your presentation and add fun to your content.

Add an Interactive Element
Allowing your audience to interact with your content is guaranteed to result in fun and long-term engagement. By adding a poll, quiz or activity you give your audience an opportunity to get up and move, this connects with both their mind and body. Resulting in not just immediate engagement but long-term connection that leads to last engagement.

Tell a Great Story
Stories increase your audience’s connection with you exponentially. By bringing a situation to life through story you transport your audience into a real time scenario that helps them feel the need that your content is fulfilling. While stories can be difficult to craft, they are a valuable skill for every presenter to master. Be sure to use stories to bring your content to life and show your audience how important your content is.

Create a Compelling Visual
While designing compelling visuals may feel like an afterthought for you as a presenter they are vitally important. Compelling visuals will help your audience conceptualize your content and turn data into reality. By inserting a simple infographic or visual design you help to eliminate data dump and replace it with lasting engagement. It is important when creating compelling visuals to keep them clean and concise to allow your audience to connect quickly.

As a presenter it is important that you connect not just in the moment with your audience. Rather it is vital that you create a lasting connection between you and your audience. By connecting for the long-haul you ensure a connection that leads to increased profits and long term benefits. By implementing these three tools you are sure to see your audience not just love you presentation but interact with you long after presentation day.

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