Presenting is a skill that is becoming increasingly more important to our professional lives. The ability to stand in front of a crowd and sell your product, idea, or vision is vital to not only your growth as a leader but as a person. In fact, with the rise of social media and the interconnectedness of our lives, whether you think it or not, you are a presenter every day. Knowing that the ability to present is vital to our lives, we all must take a look at how we are developing that skill.

At Ethos3, we believe that every presenter should have a coach. This is a person who you can bounce ideas off of, learn from, and be willing to hear critique from. Without a person speaking into our abilities, we are likely to become stagnant and underdeveloped in our skills.

But the question is how do we find that person?

In order to help you answer this question, we have put together a list of attributes every presenter should look for in a presentation coach.

There is nothing more difficult to work with than a big ego, and when considering who should be your coach, a big ego can be not only detrimental to you but also to your ability to grow. Your presentation coach should be humble in their abilities and willing to speak truth in a way that is not condescending or discouraging. When looking for a coach, people often look to the best or the most well-known person, but sometimes it is the humble presenter you hardly know who can take you to the next level.

Let’s be real. If you are looking for a presentation coach, you must look at their overall ability to present. There is a saying out there: “Those who can’t do, coach.” And while I believe this is relevant in some instances, when it comes to presentations, it is not relevant at all. If a person is unable to present themselves, they will not pick up on the intricate nuances of a great presentation. Now, a potential coach does not need to be the best or the most naturally gifted, but they do need to have a skill level that you want to aspire to.

Perhaps the most important characteristic to consider when selecting a presentation coach is your ability to trust the person. If you do not trust them, you will not be able to learn from them. When looking for a coach ask yourself: Do I trust that this person has my best interest at heart? If the answer to this question is no, then it’s time to move on and look for another option. A coach who you do not trust will only lead to frustration and hurt feelings. So, find a person you can trust to guide you well.

Selecting a presentation coach is a vital piece of your growth as a leader and professional. By developing your ability to present, you distinguish yourself as a lifelong learner and will set yourself apart from your peers. However, selecting the wrong coach can be detrimental to your development, so be sure to take the time needed to find the right person. Then watch as your skills grow and your confidence booms.

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