One of the most difficult parts of creating a presentation is the process of editing. Not because it takes a lot of effort or is particularly time intensive, but rather because editing your presentation is difficult due to an inability to look at it objectively.

Here’s the reality: When you create something, you become close to that project. In many ways, that presentation becomes a work of art and something that you care deeply about. However, during the editing process, you must look at your presentation objectively and be willing to admit when something is not great.

This process can be difficult for a presenter, which is why we put together 3 ways to keep an open mind during the editing process.

Ask For Help
Perhaps the easiest way to overcome the difficulties of editing is to ask for help in the process. By allowing someone else to look over your work, you allow a fresh set of eyes to speak objectively. Involving an editor can, at times, lead to hard feedback, but it is also a powerful tool to create a more impactful presentation. When selecting your editor, we recommend asking someone who is in no way involved with your presentation. This will allow you to get the most accurate feedback as well as impartial edits.

Edit on a Different Day
If you will be the sole editor of your presentation, consider editing on a different day than you create. By waiting a day or two, you clear any preconceived notions of what you just created and are able to look at your presentation in a more objective way. If you create and edit in the same day, you run the risk of being too close to your content and going blind to some of your mistakes.

Keep Emotions Out of The Edit
The largest hindrance to a great edit process is your emotions. If you are not willing to separate your emotions from the edit process, you will not take the presentation to the next level. Instead, you must look at everything you create objectively and clearly. Recognize that the work you have done is not the end game; instead, realize that by editing with clear emotions, you are building something even greater.

Editing is a difficult step in any presentation design, but it is also a vital part of every presentation design. Don’t skip out on this important step as it may be the difference between a good presentation and a great one.

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