As a presenter, storytelling is the most important tool you have to grow your platform and set your presentation apart from the rest. And if you have followed us for a while, you have heard us talk at length about how to tell great stories within your presentation.

But today, we want to unpack 3 instances where you should be deploying great stories and ensuring that your greater audience hears them.

Social Media

Social media is a great tool to build your platform and excite your audience. However, if not used correctly, social media can become a poorly placed billboard that has become white noise to your audience. Consider leveraging your social media platforms as a place to tell stories about your content. Whether they be video, text based, or image based, showing the stories of your content through your social media is a win. Not only will this drive engagement, but it will help you to present a genuine message to your audience rather than a message of sales.

Personal Communication

Your presentation does not end the minute you walk off stage. In fact, as a thought leader, every interaction you have is an opportunity to tell the story of your content and grow your platform. Make sure that you have a large repertoire of stories that can be pulled out during any conversation as a way to grow your platform. The ability to successfully share stories in your personal communication requires you to take the time to develop your story bank. Keep track of moments that are impactful, and use them in your daily life.

Email Communication

Part of most presenters’ follow-up process includes an email blast thanking their audience for participating and inviting them to take the next step. This step in the process is a great opportunity to share an impactful story that you did not already share during your presentation. By sharing a story during your follow up process, you are reinforcing the content that you shared during your presentation as well as making the follow-up email feel more personal.

Telling great stories at every juncture of your presentation is a key way to building your platform and improving your messaging. Stories not only increase engagement, but they increase long-term involvement with your content. Take every opportunity you have to tell stories and tell them well; your audience will thank you!

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