For many presenters, presentation day is an opportunity to showcase their company, highlight their new ideas, and show the audience why they should be considered the thought leaders and experts. Typically, these presentations fill up with data and facts, showcasing all the exciting things the company is doing. But the presenter is just one person on what is likely a team of great people who make up the company.

With this in mind, this question presents itself: How can you showcase your team in every presentation? After all, the greatest asset to any company is the great people that make up the business. Knowing the value of your team, we have put together a few ways to highlight them in your next presentation.

The Team Slide

This is perhaps the most common way to highlight your team in your next presentation. Creating an impactful team slide depends primarily on great headshots and clean design. Don’t bother cluttering the slide with long bios. Instead, highlight each key member with great photography and their name. This will allow you to highlight their accomplishments and what they bring to the team verbally.

Team Member Quotes

If you are looking to interject a splash of your team’s voice into your presentation, consider sharing key ideas through quotes. By placing a quote from a team member on the slide, you give them authority and establish your company as a thought leader. This is also a great way to change up the voice of your presentation, and, in turn, help your audience to stay engaged with your content.

The Org Chart

While this is potentially the blandest way to splice in your team members, it is an effective tool if you are looking to show how your team works together. Effectively utilizing an org chart relies a bit on the same principles as the team slide. Be sure to use strong headshots and clean name plates. It is also important when implementing an org chart in your presentation to keep the design clean and easy to follow. Don’t clutter up the slide with dotted lines and extra steps. Keep it simple and highlight the big ideas.

Your team is a vital player in every presentation. Without them, you would simply be a person with a thought rather than a thought leader. Because without followers, there is no leadership. By including them in your next presentation, you not only elevate your authority, but you highlight the amazing people who make up your organization. They will feel celebrated as well as important which will help with longevity and lower turnover. It may only be one slide, but it can change the game for both your presentation and your company.

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