At Ethos3 we have talked about the importance of the send ahead presentation. This presentation is often the meeting before the meeting and often the key to landing that in person opportunity. Typically, this type of presentation is a self-explanatory slide deck that is filled with content heavy slides in an effort to communicate everything you feel is important. The main idea of a send ahead presentation is to set yourself apart from your competitors and engage your potential audience.

With a competitive market we know there are a few things that can set apart your send ahead presentation from the rest (If you’d like to learn more check out our article on the importance of the send ahead). However, one unique way to make your presentation memorable is by attaching a narration to the deck.

Which is why we have gathered a quick tutorial about how to create and execute a voice narration for your next PowerPoint deck.


The first step to creating a voice over narration is to click on the Slide Show tab.

Before you start recording be sure to walk through the following steps:

1. If you want to record only part of your slide deck, do one of the following before you begin:
Option 1: Select the slides you plan not to record, right click and click Hide.
Option 2: Select Custom Show > Custom Slide Show > + (ADD).

2. Use the Rehearse button to change the timing between slides without affecting the narration or gestures you’ve already recorded.

3. Make sure your microphone is set up correctly. If you have a Mac, go to System Preferences > Sound.
Tip: When checking levels on your microphone be sure that there is not peaking or distortion. This will ensure your narration is clear and easy to understand.


To start recording:

1. Click the Slide Show tab, select the slide where you want the recording to begin, and then click Record Slide Show.

2. During recording, use Ctrl+click to access the recording commands that let you navigate through the slides, change cursors, or trigger screen blackouts or whiteouts.

3. Click End Show to stop recording.

4. A Save dialog box appears. Click Yes to save your recording, or No if you want to record it again.
Tip: Saving overwrites anything you’ve previously recorded. If you want to record another slide show with the same set of slides, save your presentation file with a different name.

5. Click Play from Start to preview your recording.
Tip: When previewing a voice over narration it is important to remember that you will not be perfect. That’s ok. The point of the voice over is for the audience to feel like you are in person with them and if that was the case you would not be perfect.

Narration is a powerful tool for any presenter that is not able to be live and in person with their audience. As the presentation space becomes more and more competitive, this is a sure fire way to keep your audience engaged and land the infamous in person opportunity.

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