We’ve all been there. The boss assigns a presentation to the team, and everyone quickly springs into action to collaborate and create a powerful and engaging slide deck. However, as time goes on, what seemed like an easy project becomes complicated, convoluted, and confusing. The exciting opportunity to collaborate turns into multiple files with different notes on each and confusing titles that leave everyone wondering if they’ll ever be able to communicate a cohesive, united message.

If you have ever felt like this, you are not alone. In fact as teamwork and collaboration grow, designing engaging, singularly focused presentations becomes more and more difficult. That is why the team at Ethos3 often uses Google Slides for our more collaborative projects, and we put together a list of reasons why you should, too.

User friendly

Google has become an expert at creating easy-to-use platforms, and Google Slides is no different. This online platform has all the same tools as more popular software like Keynote and PowerPoint while still maintaining a user-friendly function. This is a big win when you are working with coworkers who are a little less tech-savvy.

Free account

In order to use Google Slides, all you need is a free Google account. No more cross-platform confusion! With Google, you and your teammates can easily access your presentation and make edits and comments that are easy to follow and change. And even if you are not a regular G Suite user, it’s ok, because it just takes a few seconds to set up an account. You’ll thank us later, because nearly everyone has some form of a Google account, which means you’ll have a lot more opportunities to connect and collaborate than ever before.

Easily exportable

Don’t love the idea of presenting off an online-only platform? No worries. With Google Slides, you can easily export your newly designed presentation to any of the major file formats. This will allow you to present your presentation directly off your hard drive and eliminate any stress of an internet malfunction.

Consistent communication

Because Google Slides lives in the cloud, collaboration is consistent and communication is easy. You no longer have to worry about someone downloading a file and making edits on their copy only to find out later they were not made to the final draft. Instead, Google Slides allows you to make edits, comments, and changes right in the cloud-based interface, resulting in no more lost-in-translation confusion.

Google Slides is a powerful tool for a collaborative team. And as our culture becomes more and more collaborative, Google will certainly continue to push the pace on engaging and equipping teams. So the next time you are handed a team project, consider branching outside the norm and give Google Slides a try!

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