Did you know that enthusiasm is one of the greatest weapons you have as a presenter for engaging your audience and keeping them connected to your content? That’s right – studies have shown that presenters who have high levels of enthusiasm see a 37% greater return on their presentations than those who lack enthusiasm.

The reason for this increase in success hinges primarily on the fact that enthusiastic people create excitement which leads to an increase in enthusiasm in those around them. As enthusiasm grows, so does an audience member’s desire to be connected to your content.

Enthusiasm is a natural experience for some, but for others it can take a little extra work. That is why we put together a few ways to elevate your enthusiasm and win over your audience.

Don’t forget to smile.

You would be shocked how much a simple smile communicates to an audience member. By making the extra effort and intentionally focusing on your smile, you build a sense of enthusiasm and excitement within your audience. If they can see that you are enjoying yourself, they will enjoy themselves as well.

Leverage vocal tone variety.

Enthusiasm can be communicated both through your smile and your vocal tone. By creating variety in your vocal tone, you keep your audience engaged and show them you care about what you are saying. You are also able to keep them more engaged as the difference in tone allows their attention to be retained. It is important to note that when focusing on vocal variety, enthusiastic tones tend to be a higher pitch and more apparent. Be sure to use these even if you are feeling less than ecstatic about your presentation.

Use the room.

If you want to come across as boring and uninterested, plant yourself behind your podium and never move. Not only does this hide half of your body, but it communicates to your audience a lack of excitement and creates a barrier between you and them. By getting out from behind your podium and using the entire space you are given to walk around and engage your audience, you create a sense of energy and momentum. This energy, when leveraged correctly, can translate into enthusiasm and excitement. As the energy of the room rises, so does your level of long-term engagement.

There is a saying in the presentation world that sometimes you have to “fake it till you make it.” The reality is that you will not always be enthusiastic about what you are presenting and the time you have spent preparing. However, your audience can never know this. By implementing these three tips, you can not only fake it, but you can also elevate your already brewing enthusiasm. Going the extra mile in enthusiasm will not only elevate your sales, it will increase your connection and ultimately lead to longer relationships with your audience. So why not give it a shot? And remember – don’t forget to smile.

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