As audience members’ attention spans shrink, so does their ability to comprehend complex slides. In fact, unless an audience member can understand your slides at a glance, chances are you are losing their focus and engagement.

We live in a multi-tasking, fast-paced world, which means your audience’s focus is split between you, their cell phone, their email, and probably some other form of distraction. When they are focused on you, it is important to communicate as much content as possible in what short time you have.

In order to help you communicate as quickly and clearly as possible, we put together 3 tips for you to create easy-to-comprehend slides.

Share 1 statistic per slide.

While statistics are important and often necessary to a great presentation, limiting the amount per slide is equally as important. Too many statistics on one slide will increase the amount of time it takes for an audience member to comprehend the information. If you have a lot of data to share, consider splitting it up into multiple slides or pulling out the main statistic that you are looking to communicate and let one that shine.

Use compelling visuals to elevate content.

Bullet points and data are quickly disappearing from the presentation space. Quick comprehension requires you as a presenter to represent your content visually. In fact, visual information is comprehended 60,000x faster than text-based information. Use tools like icons, graphs, and imagery to communicate your content clearly and quickly.

Capitalize on bold contrasting colors.

With an end goal of quick comprehension, bold, contrasting colors will help your audience read your text and data quickly. If it is difficult for your audience to read your content due to colors or font selection, they will quickly disengage. Your text and data should be able to be read and comprehended at a quick glance in order to ensure maximum comprehension.

Slide comprehension is important to any presentation. As audiences become more distracted as a culture, it is becoming more important that the ability to comprehend must come quickly. Slides that can be viewed and comprehended at a glance will elevate your presentation and set you apart from the pack. It will also ensure that your audience connects with you long term.

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