Including high resolution photos and videos not only adds to your PowerPoint in a visual way but it also increases the level of professionalism and overall feeling of importance. However, with the increase in resolution comes an increase in file size. As your file size grows, the ability to share your PowerPoint via email and other mediums begins to fall.

What if we told you there was another option? A way to keep your file size low without sacrificing the overall quality of your visuals? We have put together a quick tutorial on how to compress not just images but also videos to ensure you never have to worry about file size again.


Step 1: Select a picture on any slide and navigate to the Picture Format tab at the top of your window.

Step 2: Select the Compress Photo button located next to the Transparency action.

Step 3: Select the appropriate resolution for the use of your presentation – in most cases, 150ppi is perfect.

Step 4: Choose to apply this setting to all images in the deck, and also be sure to check “delete cropped areas of pictures” as this will help reduce overall size as well.


Step 1: Navigate to the file tab in PowerPoint and locate the Info page.

Step 2: The first button that should appear is Compress Media. Click this button, and choose what file resolution you would like your videos compressed down to. For most applications, 720p or 1080p are fine depending on the file size need.

Step 3: Once you select your resolution, a window will appear showing the progress of the compression.

Step 4: Double check that you are happy with the compressed video after the compression is complete. If you don’t like the quality post compression, you can undo this action using the same steps.

More and more often, presentations are being sent to clients and potential clients far before the presenter shows up. This requires the ability to email a PowerPoint that is not overly large in size. By compressing both your images and videos, you can cut down on size while maintaining overall quality. Your computer and email storage will thank you!

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